Thursday 18 January 2018

Cyclist hurt by rope maliciously tied across road ‘hopes it’s a one-off’

Monique Kelleher was knocked off her bicycle by a rope tied to two poles at head height
Monique Kelleher was knocked off her bicycle by a rope tied to two poles at head height
Injuries sustained by Monique Kelleher to her fingers

A WOMAN knocked off her bike and left with neck and hand injuries after schoolkids tied a rope across a road has said she will continue to cycle.

Monique Kelleher was cycling at night along Mercer Street in Dublin 2 when she hit the rope tied across to poles and went “flying”.

‘I was cycling past and my neck got caught in the rope causing me to fly off my bike and hit the ground,” she wrote in an online account, in which she also posted pictures of her injuries.

“Luckily, I haven't broken any bones and have come away with light injuries, but someone else may not be so lucky.

‘I just want to warn other cyclists and the public that this is happening as I haven't heard of it before in Dublin,’ she wrote.

This morning, speaking on RTE Radio, Ms Kelleher said that the gardai are investigating the matter – and thanked a couple who came to her aid.

“They (gardai) said that it happened a couple of years back in a adjacent street to Mercer… but nothing more recent. The guards were brilliant and have been really helpful.

“The couple who did help me – they stayed for an hour. They were very helpful,” she added.

“I don’t know if it’s a once-off or not – I hope to think so.”

And she said the incident would not put her off cycling in the city.

“It will definitely make me make different choices on where I cycle, especially late at night.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has branded the dangerous prank “absolutely unacceptable”.

The campaign's Mike McKillen said he wasn’t aware of this happening in the city before.

“She was very lucky that it was just a string or a piece of rope. If it had been a wire, it could have killed her,” he told the Herald.

“This sort of thing is absolutely unacceptable.”

Given that the schools closed last Friday, the rope on Mercer Street may have been tied by local schoolkids, he added.

“It's a serious offence to do that. It's not a joke at all. I've never come across it before in Ireland. Cyclists have enough to contend with. That is the last thing they need.”

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