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Saturday 20 January 2018

Cuts to workers' entitlements

• Sick leave without a medical certificate

Now: Public servants can take up to seven days in 12 months.

In future: They can only take seven days in two years.

• Sick leave with a medical cert

Now: They are entitled to six months' full pay, followed by six months on half pay in any four-year period. After this, they get a pension rate of pay indefinitely.

In future: They will get three months' full pay, three months' half pay, followed by a pension rate of pay, for up to two years.

• Critical illness

Now: There is no special provision for those who are critically ill. They have the same entitlement as everyone else, which is generally six months on full pay, six on half pay, and an indefinite pension rate of pay.

In future: They will still get up to six months on full pay and six months on half pay.

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