Sunday 19 November 2017

Cuddly, mature feline seeks cat-lover for cosy nights on couch

Model Tiffany
Stanley with
Belle, one of
the cats taking
part in the
DSPCA Feline
Speed Dating
Model Tiffany Stanley with Belle, one of the cats taking part in the DSPCA Feline Speed Dating event
Little kitten Lucy
Some of the 12-day-old kittens found in a recycling centre in Dublin yesterday
Elizabeth Quinn with her adopted cat Rio

David Whelan

IN a purr-fect world, every relationship between a pet and its owner would be true love. And that's why Dublin's animal-care cupids have turned to online dating in a bid to find the perfect match for felines who thought happiness had passed them by.

This summer, the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has given many of its hopeful home-seekers online profiles in a bid to attract the ideal owner.

The feline dating service was set up to promote the society's more mature members, who tend to be overlooked for a younger model. By yesterday, 32 cats had found their futures thanks to the service, launched as part of an overall initiative to find homes for hundreds of strays.

"People tend to look at kittens but we have a lot of older cats that tend to get overlooked," explained operations manager Orla Aungier.

"What is the benefit of adopting an older cat? Well, it's that we know what their personalities are like. That's a definite advantage."

And there's no shortage of characters.

"I'm at the stage of my life where I'm looking to meet that right person to share life's ups and downs with," noted Trev's profile -- one of the many felines who hoped to catch the eye of a future owner.

Mrs Norris claims to have "a strong sense of independence". Sparkle wants a new relationship after her former owner passed away and Mouse says he's in the prime of life, "open-minded, looking for some fun indoors -- variety is the spice of life."

"They call me Minty because I'm fresh," notes another. "Likes relaxing, purring and having people admire my suave good looks. Seeks like-minded individual for some cosy couch time and compliments. GSOH."

Would-be owners who scanned through the online descriptions arrived at the DSPCA centre in Rathfarnham yesterday to meet their perfect matches face to face.

Then, after a consultation with an adoption consultant to ensure the future relationships weren't going to hit the rocks, the pets were whisked away.

"We are thrilled but we haven't shifted all the animals yet," said Ms Aungier. "We are open every day and we have a lot more homes to find."

The initiative has been so successful that it may yet be extended to dogs.

"We have had a lot of questions about whether we are going to do it for dogs," said Ms Aungier, "but that's slightly more complex. We will think about it, though -- maybe even rabbits."

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