Sunday 8 December 2019

Crystal meth duo suspects in carjacking

The scene of the carjacking at Argyle House, Dublin. Inset: Liz Turley
The scene of the carjacking at Argyle House, Dublin. Inset: Liz Turley
Claire Murphy

Claire Murphy

GARDAI believe a crystal meth addict is the chief suspect for the carjacking incident in Ballsbridge last week.

Liz Turley (59) was knocked unconscious in the assault outside her apartment complex in Argyle House last Tuesday morning.

The Dublin librarian was entering the code for the electric gates and had left the engine of her car, a grey Ford Focus, running when she was attacked.

A man and a woman – both thought to be in their 20s – jumped into the car and reversed it away from the gate.

Ms Turley approached the driver’s side but was pushed away by the male thief. She then stumbled and fell backwards, hitting her head on the ground.

Her car was later found abandoned in the south inner city and continues to be examined by forensic officers for fingerprints and DNA.

The thieves made no attempt to disguise themselves, neighbours said. Gardai asked anyone with information to contact Irishtown Garda Station (01) 666 9600.

The prime suspect is a violent methamphetamine addict believed to be behind a series of burglaries in Dublin 4 area.

He and his girlfriend are known to travel together on raids. Gardai believe that both of the individuals are addicted to methamphetamine – known as crystal meth.

The drug is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout parts of the country – particularly Dublin – and is being imported by eastern Europe and African gangs.

The narcotic is cheaper than crack cocaine and has enjoyed a boom as less heroin reaches Ireland.

The drug is highly addictive and causes erratic and sometimes violent behaviour when overused. It has already been linked to one killing here which is before the courts.

Ms Turley’s family said that she is on the road to recovery and regained consciousness late last week.

“She didn't require any surgery but she is likely to be kept in for a while. We are just so thankful that she is okay,” her family said.

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