Friday 15 November 2019

Cruise O'Brien family gives up home over mortgage arrears

Ray Managh and Breda Heffernan

THE former home of the late minister and writer, Conor Cruise O'Brien, is to be handed back to lender Irish Nationwide after the current owners failed to repay a mortgage of more than €1.4m.

Patrick Cruise O'Brien and his sister, Margaret -- the adopted children of Cruise O'Brien and his wife Maire Mhac an tSaoi -- are to give back the keys of the luxury Dublin home to the building society.

The brother and sister have a mortgage of more than €1.4m on the property and owe tens of thousands of euro in repayment arrears and legal costs.

The house, formerly known as Bayview but now known as Whitewater, sits on Howth Summit. It is understood to be in serious negative equity and, in the current marketplace, has been valued at €800,000.


It is still the home of Ms Mhac an tSaoi, the distinguished Irish-language poet.

County registrar Susan Ryan yesterday received a consent agreement from the owners in which they stated they would give the building society vacant possession of the property within three months, during which time they would search for alternative accommodation.

The society had been seeking possession of the house, on which there is an outstanding mortgage balance of more than €1.43m and instalment arrears of more than €170,000.

The writer's children had failed to keep up monthly mortgage repayments of €8,119. The registrar previously heard that nothing had been paid off the mortgage for a period of 16 months. Efforts to contact Patrick Cruise O'Brien last night were unsuccessful.

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