Monday 20 November 2017

Cruel, cruel world

SEAN 'Nothing to do with Fianna Fail' Gallagher has been the victim of appalling slur on his character with a doctored poster depicting him as a Fianna Fail candidate.

Not quite the "image enhancement" used in Mary Davis's Special K posters, Gallagher's spoof image depicts him as being associated with a subversive organisation, which he left in 1974. Eh, or something like that?

Forgive and forget

GAY Mitchell was of precious little help to him in the Fine Gael leadership heave, but Richard Bruton clearly doesn't hold grudges, as the Enterprise Minister was busily canvassing for the Fine Gael candidate at the weekend. Bruton went quietly knocking on doors and canvassed outside a local supermarket in Clontarf in the heart of his Dublin North-Central constituency.

Rather than the presidential election being on the voters' minds, though, the residents in the leafy north Dublin suburb were perturbed about a flood defence being built, which will obstruct the scenic view.

Bruton allegedly didn't have Mitchell's number to phone him for support during the heave, but Mitchell owes him a call now.

Star struck

HOLLYWOOD actor Colm Meaney revealed he's shocked by the hostility to Martin McGuiness's bid for the presidency.

The 'Star Trek' actor (58) -- who divides his time between the US and Spain -- is one of a string of ex-pat A-listers putting their star power behind the Sinn Fein candidate. He told McGuinness's arch nemesis Miriam O'Callaghan he was taken aback by the reaction.

"I'm kind of shocked at the emotions that are being unleashed against him by people, who are not victims themselves, by people who stood back during the Troubles, our Fine Gael friends included."

And all these views from a man who doesn't even live here any more.

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