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Crowds to line out for a run to remember

HUNDREDS of people have already signed up for one of the most beautiful races in Ireland, which is raising funds for Pieta House.

Those competing in either the Achill half-marathon or the inaugural 10k event will run along one of the most scenic routes in the country while supporting those at risk of suicide or self-harming.

The races will take place on Achill Island on Saturday, July 6.

CEO of Pieta House Joan Freeman said the most important aspect of the event from Pieta House's point of view was to raise awareness "so people know they have somewhere to go", and "funding, of course".

Services are provided free of charge and always will be, Ms Freeman said.

Marathon runner and motivational speaker Gerry Duffy said he firmly believed that nobody could engage in physical exercise without feeling at least 1pc better afterwards.

Organisers of the Elverys Sports Achill Half Marathon have devised a unique way of ensuring the runners are in place when the claxon sounds the start of the race.

Siobhan Comerford, of Achill Tourism, said: "The local pipe band will lead the way to the start line, and award-winning Achill Island shepherds and their hard-working sheepdogs will 'gather' the runners and round up stragglers, just like they do on TV's 'One Man and His Dog'." See www.achillmarathon. com.

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