Friday 24 November 2017

Crowd goes wild as singer Buble lights up capital

Michael Buble
Screaming fans on Grafton Street in Dublin yesterday before Michael Buble's arrival
Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

ALL they want for Christmas is . . . him.

Thousands of women, and a few flustered men, flocked to Dublin's Grafton Street yesterday to catch a glimpse of Canadian crooner Michael Buble.

There were plenty of screams from those at the front, and a few tears from those trapped way down the back, as the multi-platinum-selling jazz singer heralded the arrival of the festive season when he flicked the switch on the street's Christmas lights.

An ambulance was at the ready to whisk any potential fainters to safety, while gardai moved to cordon off parts of the street as the hyperventilating crowd swelled.

Inside Brown Thomas, Mr Buble (36) was unaware of spreading fervour among the legion of adoring fans, as he admitted hockey tickets were at the top of his Christmas wishlist.

He is a married man now, following his wedding to Argentine model and actress Luisana Lopilato.

"Last year, I wrote a journal while I was away and I think that probably meant more to her than the gifts," he said, effortlessly melting a few more hearts.

"She can buy whatever she wants -- she makes her own money," he added.

He said he had been accepted more in Ireland than "anywhere else in the world".

"It is kind of cool being a Canadian kid and when you come somewhere so far away and you share so many of the same values and the same dry sense of humour," Mr Buble said.

"And people get me. There are things I say here that you laugh at but if I said it in America they wouldn't get it at all."

Mr Buble, who jets straight from Dublin to Rome for the next stint of promoting his platinum-selling 'Christmas' album, said he planned to spend Christmas with around 50 family and friends.

But he admitted he'd love to have a place he could call home for more than a few days at a time.

"Right now every year I go to about 45 countries. I wake up in a lot of hotel rooms and don't know where I am. It would be nice to have a house here -- a castle, a gigantic castle," he joked.

He added he was "not the most romantic idiot that ever was" as he poured cold water on the notion he had married Ms Lopilato three times.

"We had one wedding in Argentina for her family and for the few of my family that could make it," he said, adding they had an after-wedding party in Vancouver and the additional legal civil ceremony in Argentina.

Mr Buble also revealed he was looking forward to starting a family but would wait until his wife was ready.

"I'm looking as much forward to having little Bubles as to making them," he quipped with a cheeky grin.

"My sisters have kids and they are really happy and my friends are all having babies, but my wife is young.

"My wife is 24 so I don't want to rush her at anything. I want her to live her life."

He also unveiled Brown Thomas's 'Swan Lake'-inspired fairytale festive window during the ceremony. And then he was whisked away, and the screams grew ever louder.

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