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Crooner O'Donnell pens dedicated tune for cancer research

THOUSANDS of people gathered at the weekend to mark the launch of Daniel O'Donnell's new single -- with all the proceeds going towards cancer research.

The two-day 'Relay for Life' fundraiser continued in Letterkenny yesterday as the singer released 'I'll See This Journey Through'.

"I think if we're honest we all know someone who has been touched by cancer," said Mr O'Donnell, as hundreds queued to get signed copies of his CD.

"This is our way of saying we won't give up and one day we will overcome this dreaded disease.

"It's a fitting tribute that this is such a beautiful day for what is a wonderful event," the singer added.

"It pays tribute to everyone who has survived cancer, those who have supported them on their journey and it also pays tribute to those who fought a battle but unfortunately did not win that battle."

"It gives an opportunity for so many people to remember, to praise and to give thanks," he said.

Chairman of the Donegal event Robert O'Connor said it had been a hugely successful weekend.

The relay and other fundraising events helped to raise more than €150,000 for cancer research in Ireland.

Daniel said his song came to him while he was resting in bed.


"I had been asked to write an anthem for the event. A few nights later I was in bed and started to think about it.

"I wasn't sleeping but these words came into my head and I wrote them down," he added.

"Majella said, 'what are you doing?' and I told her I was writing the words to the cancer song.

"I then sent the words to Marc (Roberts) and he put the polish on it and here we are," he said.

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