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Young mother 'brutally beaten up' by Brian Rattigan's ex in inner city flats brawl

Natasha McEnroe (Centre) dated Brian Rattigan (left) before leaving him for Paul Geraghty (right)
Natasha McEnroe (Centre) dated Brian Rattigan (left) before leaving him for Paul Geraghty (right)

Ken Foy

The former long-term girlfriend of gangland killer Brian Rattigan is suspected of "brutally beating up" a young mum in a south inner city flats complex.

Natasha McEnroe (35) - who was once said to be at the centre of Rattigan's ruthless crime operations - allegedly attacked the woman at her mother's house.

The alleged attack was witnessed by terrified locals and it is understood the victim received numerous blows in the incident.

The woman was not taken to hospital and gardai have not received an official complaint about the alleged assault.

Natasha McEnroe is said to have beaten up the woman in a south inner city flats complex
Natasha McEnroe is said to have beaten up the woman in a south inner city flats complex

McEnroe and Rattigan split up in 2010, after which Rattigan plotted from his cell in Portloaise Prison to murder McEnroe and her new lover, Rathmines criminal Paul Geraghty (29).


The couple have now been together for seven years and the death threats have stopped, said sources.

Over the years, McEnroe has been questioned numerous times by gardai about serious organised crimes.

Recently, however, she has been living a quieter life.

In 2011, gardai placed Geraghty and McEnroe's Rathmines home under 24-hour watch amid fears they would be targeted by an embittered Rattigan from his prison cell

Paul Geraghty
Paul Geraghty

Geraghty narrowly escaped death by climbing out of a window at the home when a hitman tried to kill him in January 2011.

Gardai believe the gunman was hired by Rattigan from his prison cell. In December 2010, McEnroe went to Portlaoise Prison to tell Rattigan that the relationship was over.

Rattigan tried to attack her and had to be dragged away by staff. Days later, gardai received intelligence that Rattigan had taken out a contract on McEnroe's life. The following week, a postcard arrived at her home in which a veiled threat was made against her new partner.

In 2011, Geraghty and McEnroe were arrested in connection with the murder of Declan O'Reilly (32), who was shot dead in front of his 12-year-old son as they walked home along the South Circular Road.

He had been close friends with the couple and regularly stayed at their home but is understood to have fallen out with them when Geraghty accused him of ripping off a drugs gang.

Geraghty is now living in Cork after fleeing Dublin in the wake of grave threats from other mobsters.

Meanwhile, Rattigan is appealing his murder conviction at the Supreme Court.

Rattigan, of Cooley Road, Drimnagh, Dublin, was found guilty of murder by stabbing Declan Gavin (21) outside the Abrakebabra fast-food outlet in the Crumlin Shopping Centre, Dublin, on August 25, 2001.

This murder kicked-off the deadly Crumlin/Drimnagh feud that claimed 16 lives. Rattigan was jailed for life in 2009 after a majority jury convicted him of murder.

In March 2013, he received a 17-year jail sentence for running a heroin network from his jail cell which was broken up after a €1m heroin seizure by gardai.

During his drugs trial at the Special Criminal Court, it emerged that Rattigan - referred to as 'Lips' or 'Nat' on the mobile phones which detectives seized from him in his Portlaoise Prison cell - was contacted a number of times on the day of the massive drugs bust in Hughes Road, Crumlin, on May 21, 2008.

One text read: "Drop 30 euro up to the Paret man."

'Paret Man' was the nickname of the owner of the house where the drugs were found and €30 referred to €30,000, the trial was told.


When the plan began to unravel and Rattigan suspected that the heroin had been seized by gardai, he sent another text message to McEnroe that read: "Get rid of ur phones, quick."

Later, detectives searched McEnroe's home where they seized notebooks that gardai considered to be drugs "tick lists". The notebooks were similar to notebooks found in Rattigan's cell by detectives.

Just five months after the Crumlin bust and the raid on Rattigan's cell, detectives stopped a car being driven by McEnroe. It was searched by gardai, who found €50,000 in cash.


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