Tuesday 15 October 2019

Two feud arson attacks were just minutes apart

Sean Little was murdered in May in Walshestown
Sean Little was murdered in May in Walshestown

Ken Foy

Tensions between feuding gangs in a troubled Dublin suburb have escalated after two early-morning attacks on a close associate of slain Sean Little.

A veteran criminal with close links to murdered 22-year-old Little has become the prime target for the rival faction which firebombed properties connected to him in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The criminal had only been released from garda custody, along with his son, just hours earlier after they spent two days being grilled about a foiled murder attempt on their main gangland rival.

In the first incident, a business linked to the criminal suffered “criminal damage” in an attempted firebomb attack at 2.20am in the north city area.

The fire failed to ignite and only superficial damage was caused to the business which was fully operational the following morning.

Around 15 minutes later at a caravan park 127km away in Co Wexford, local gardai were notified that a mobile home which is also connected to the criminal had been completely destroyed in an arson attack.


Gardai have confirmed that officers from Santry Garda Station in Dublin and Courtown Garda Station in Wexford are investigating the arson attacks and no arrests have been made in either case.

There were no injuries in either petrol bomb attack.

“These were pretty much synchronised attacks and they happened shortly after the  target was released from  custody after a foiled hit on a criminal that is blamed for the murder of Sean Little,” a source explained.

“The belief has to be that associates of the target of that bust last weekend carried out these attack as revenge.

“This is a very bitter feud and there is a real belief that these arson attacks will lead to further tit-for-tat violence,”  the source added.

The arch criminal who is suspected of being behind the attacks is a 27-year-old thug who was lucky to escape with his life last weekend when he was targeted by associates of Little.


He has worked for the Kinahan cartel and is also linked to a drugs gang led by Finglas drug dealer ‘Mr Flashy’.

He has been arrested by detectives probing the feud shooting of James ‘Mago’  Gately in 2017.

The north Dublin man has been blamed for involvement in an escalating dispute in the north Dublin area, including the murder of Little earlier this year.

Little, from Kilbarron Avenue in Kilmore, was lured to a laneway in Walshestown near Balbriggan in May before being shot dead.

Associates of Little have blamed the under-threat hitman for involvement in the murder and were targeting him in a revenge hit over the weekend when they were arrested following a lengthy surveillance operation.

Bizarrely, the target took a lie detector test to support his claim that he wasn’t involved in Little’s murder but the gun victim’s associates are continuing to target him.

He was blamed for involvement in Little’s murder within days of the killing, and during the summer a 26-year-old close pal of Little’s from the Kilbarrack area was questioned about conspiring to murder the target but later released without charge.


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