Thursday 22 August 2019

'They were punching and kicking me, I didn't know if it would stop' - woman assaulted in 'unprovoked attack'

Grand Parade, Cork (Photo: Google Maps)
Grand Parade, Cork (Photo: Google Maps)

Aoife Walsh

A WOMAN who was the victim of a vicious early-morning attack has told of how she is on "high alert" since the incident.

The woman (26), was walking through an alleyway along Grand Parade in Cork City at around 2.45am last Thursday when a man and woman approached her.

The attackers turned violent after unsuccessfully attempting to grab her clutch bag. The victim, who wants to remain anonymous, claims the pair then pushed her onto the ground and began punching and kicking her.

Speaking to, the victim said: "The girl grabbed my bag and I said 'no', and she tried to grab it again and I said 'no' louder. He came over then and they searched me.

"The girl started threatening me, she was vicious. They started punching and kicking me. I couldn't really see their faces because I was holding my hands up to my face to try and protect myself," she continued.

"It got to the point where I didn't know if it was going to stop."

The victim said that she believes the attack only ended because the male "got a fright" when he saw the amount of blood the victim was losing as a result of their hard blows.

The injured woman was escorted to Bridewell Garda Station after a group of French tourists and an Irish man saw her running along Grand Parade, calling for help.

The incident has left the woman fearful that an attack could happen again. She said: "I'm spooked. I'm not my usual calm self, I'm on high alert. On Friday night I rang my mother from bed before I went to sleep to double check that the front door was locked.

"While walking home from work yesterday it took double the length of time to send a message because I kept looking up from my phone to check around me. So, I got a cab to work this morning and I won't walk home today. But, I'll work through these things because I don't want them to take any independence from me. Then they've won.

"It's important to me that they have as little effect on my life as possible," she added.

A garda spokesman told "Gardaí are investigating an alleged assault, that occurred on the 19th of July, in the Tobin Street area of Cork City, at approximately 3:00am. Investigations are ongoing."

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