Wednesday 18 September 2019

Ten Hutch associates warned by gardai of 'imminent' threat to their lives

Christy Kinahan and inset Gerry Hutch
Christy Kinahan and inset Gerry Hutch

Nicola Tallant

Gardai have issued new warnings to 10 associates of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch that there is an imminent threat to their lives.

Detectives have issued Garda Information Messages to 10 relatives and associates of ‘The Monk’, warning them that their lives are in imminent danger.

It is believed they have been urged to apply caution to their every move and not to trust anyone.

A critical threat level, equal only to that which existed in the days after the Regency Hotel attack, has been declared in a 3sq km area of Dublin dubbed “Gangland’s Ground Zero”.

Detectives have upped the danger risk after mob boss Daniel Kinahan made a fresh drive to claim even more Hutch lives from his Middle Eastern base.

Officers believe that Kinahan has assumed the psychology of an irrational dictator and has opened his wallet to anyone who can get close to his targets, providing a new war chest for other gangs who may have scores to settle in the north inner city.

“Kinahan is not finished yet, and the threat level is at its highest ever in the area at the moment,” a source said.

“It has not been so high since the days that followed the Regency Hotel attack.”

Kinahan is in exile in Dubai, and he is ruling with fear, according to the source.

“Most of his trusted hitmen are now locked up,” the source said.

“There are only the dregs left who are willing to work for him, but unfortunately they are still dangerous.

“We cannot emphasise enough how dangerous the situation is at the moment. Anything could happen.

“The north inner city community is being eaten away and it is like a cancer, with neighbours pitched against one another.

“To have 10 individuals in such a small area walking around on Garda Information Messages is an indication of how volatile things are.”

Six people have been gunned down within Gangland’s Ground Zero – the small area between the IFSC and Drumcondra and which takes in Croke Park – since the feud began.

Meanwhile, there were tense scenes in Dublin on Saturday as hitman Jason ‘Buda’ Molyneux, a Hutch associate, was laid to rest in St Agatha’s Church on North William Street.

A number or mourners covered their faces as they entered the church. Uniformed gardai and members of the Armed Support Unit were visibly present outside the church.

‘Buda’ was shot in the north inner city on January 30.

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