Friday 22 June 2018

Ross Hutch hospitalised after fourth assault in 10 months

Ross Hutch
Ross Hutch

Conor Feehan and Ken Foy

Kinahan cartel target Ross Hutch has been savagely assaulted for the fourth time in 10 months, with the latest attack landing him in hospital with a suspected broken jaw.

The 25-year-old nephew of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch was punched repeatedly in the face and suffered other injuries after being targeted in the early hours of Saturday in the north inner city.

Gardai were called to the Mater Hospital as a precaution when he arrived for treatment over the weekend, and it is believed the Dubliner refused to engage with officers when they turned up.

This latest assault is the fourth time in 10 months that the son of murder victim Eddie Hutch Snr and cousin of murder victims Gary and Gareth Hutch has been singled out for attack and beaten up.

On June 23 he was treated for a suspected broken nose when he was attacked and headbutted by his brother, Alan, during a jail visit from a female relative.

That incident occurred in Wheatfield Prison.

Alan Hutch (left) and Ross Hutch had an altercation

“Ross made a remark which Alan clearly didn’t take too kindly to, so he stitched Ross a loaf in the nose,” a source told the Herald at the time.

Ross was taken to hospital, where he was treated for a suspected broken nose before being returned to custody.

Alan Hutch (33) was only released from Wheatfield last Monday after serving a sentence for threatening to kill three gardai.

He was driven from the prison by an armed garda escort and has since been spotted in the north inner city near the house where his father was gunned down by the Kinahan cartel last year.

The Herald previously revealed that Ross was savagely attacked in a city bookmakers earlier in the summer.

The thug believed to have attacked him that time is understood to be working for the Kinahan cartel and is a brother of an Irish soccer star.

He is also suspected of carrying out a series of attacks on cars belonging to the Hutch family.

“Ross received quite a hiding from this man,” a source said at the time.

Last December, Hutch was attacked and beaten up in a city centre hotel in the middle of the day.

Ross, who won €33,000 in cash and prizes on RTE’s Winning Streak in 2015 for his brother Edward Jnr, was sitting eating lunch in the hotel when another man walked into the restaurant.

Video footage shows the assailant launching a vicious attack on him.

A number of garda detectives were in the restaurant at the time and they arrested a man.

The latest beating is believed to be the result of a personal dispute and has nothing to do with the ongoing Hutch/ Kinahan feud, which has so far claimed 12 lives.

Ross, from the capital’s north inner city, appeared before Dublin District Court on June 7 charged with possessing a knife or bladed article.

He has been repeatedly warned that his life is under threat since his father, Eddie Hutch Snr (58), was gunned down.

He was also nearby when his cousin Gareth Hutch was shot dead in Dublin in May last year.

In conjunction with the four savage assaults he has suffered recently, Ross has so far dodged death on four separate

occasions – most recently last March, when gardai discovered a car equipped with a “kill kit” parked near his house.

Sources confirmed at the time that the weapons and vehicle were to be used in a murder attempt on the 24-year-old.

Gardai believe the Kinahan cartel has placed a number of abandoned “murder cars around the city in their drive to wipe out members of the rival Hutch clan in the capital’s deadly feud.

The revelation comes after officers discovered an “assassination kit” of a loaded revolver, a canister of petrol and ammunition in two cars last Wednesday evening in the North Strand area of Dublin’s north inner city.

Last summer, Ross and several of his associates were spotted watching the Ireland v Belgium game in the European Championship in a city centre pub, and were lucky to escape being shot.

A close friend of murdered gangster David Byrne received a six-year jail term for possessing a firearm he was planning to use in a revenge attack on June 18 last year.

Gardai believe Richard O’Reilly (32) was on his way to carry out a hit for the Kinahan cartel when he was busted.

He was sentenced at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in March, when it was claimed that he went into an “emotional tailspin” after the death of Byrne, who was shot dead in the Regency Hotel bloodbath


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