Thursday 22 February 2018

Ross Hutch has nose broken in brutal prison attack - by his own brother

Alan Hutch (left) and Ross Hutch had an altercation
Alan Hutch (left) and Ross Hutch had an altercation

Robin Schiller

Jailed Kinahan cartel target Ross Hutch had to be taken to hospital after suffering a brutal assault - at the hands of his own brother.

We can reveal that the 25-year-old Dubliner was hospitalised with a suspected broken nose yesterday morning after he was head-butted by older brother Alan during the bust-up.

Alan Hutch. Photo: Collins Courts
Alan Hutch. Photo: Collins Courts

The incident comes after it emerged that Ross had been taken into custody only weeks after he was attacked in a bookmakers in the city.

The latest incident kicked off in Wheatfield Prison yesterday during a joint visit with a female cousin of the brothers.

"The two were in the visiting area with a female family member. Ross made a remark which Alan clearly didn't take too kindly to, so he stitched Ross a loaf in the nose," a source told the Herald.

"Ross was brought to hospital where he was treated for a suspected broken nose. He has since been returned to custody."

Ross Hutch
Ross Hutch


Alan was issued with a P19 - a prison disciplinary form - and had his privileges revoked as a result of the attack.

"It shows how much pressure these guys are under that they're now lashing out at each other," said the source.

Imprisoned Hutch family members are being housed on their own landing in Wheatfield for security reasons due to the ongoing gangland feud.

Ross, from the capital's north inner city, appeared before Dublin District Court on June 7 charged with possessing a knife or article and has been remanded in custody pending these charges.

Older brother Alan (33) is behind bars in Wheatfield for threatening to kill three gardai.

Ross is also sharing the same prison as his cousins Patrick and Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch.

The Herald previously revealed that Ross was savagely attacked in a city bookmakers.

The thug believed to have attacked Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's nephew is understood to be working for the Kinahan cartel and is a brother of an Irish soccer star.

He is also suspected of carrying out a series of attacks on cars belonging to the Hutch family.

"Ross received quite a hiding from this man," a source said.

Ross Hutch has been repeatedly warned that his life is under threat since his father, Eddie Hutch Snr (58), was gunned down by the Kinahan cartel at their home in the north inner city in February last year.

He was also nearby when his cousin Gareth Hutch was shot dead in Dublin in May last year.

Gardai are attempting to extradite Jonathan Keogh (31) back to Ireland so they can question him in relation to that murder.

Last week, gardai foiled a gangland hit linked to the feud when they arrested two men and seized a loaded gun near his home in Dublin's north inner city.

The murder bid on the Kinahan cartel target was halted when armed gardai stopped and searched a moped and another vehicle and seized a so-called kill kit.

This included a loaded Glock handgun, a motorcycle helmet, gloves and a full can of petrol.


They arrested two men - including an associate of slain Regency Hotel gangster David Byrne - on June 16.

Gardai are investigating if one of the potential targets was Patsy Hutch (55), who is Gerry Hutch's older brother.

He is considered the top Dublin-based target for the ruthless cartel.

Gerry is now based in Eur- ope due to fears for his life in Dublin.

Patsy has survived a number of gangland hits by the Kinahan cartel in the past 18 months and, as a result, his home is watched 24 hours a day by gardai.

He has also received several Garda Information Messages- - known as GIM forms - which are given to an individual when gardai receive intelligence that there is a credible threat to the person's life.


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