Sunday 17 December 2017

Ross Hutch attacked in bookies by brother of top Irish soccer star

Ross Hutch
Ross Hutch

Robin Schiller

The brother of an Irish soccer international is the prime suspect in the brutal assault of Kinahan cartel target Ross Hutch.

Hutch (24) – who has survived at least four attempts on his life in the last 18 months – was savagely attacked in a north inner city bookmakers.

The thug believed to have battered the Monk’s nephew is understood to be working for the Kinahan cartel and is also suspected of carrying out a series of attacks on cars belonging to the Hutch family.

As exclusively revealed by the Herald last week, the football player’s brother is now a “top tier” target for the Hutch mob.

He is believed to have carried out last month’s acid attack on a car belonging to the innocent 28-year-old daughter of Kinahan cartel target Patsy Hutch.

It was just one of a series of attacks on cars connected to the Hutch family.

Some vehicles, belonging to innocent women, have been torched.

The assault on Hutch in the bookies is believed to have directly led to the multiple attacks on Hutch family vehicles “Ross received quite a hiding from this man,” a source confirmed.

Ross Hutch celebrates winning the car worth €25,000
Ross Hutch celebrates winning the car worth €25,000

“As a result of their row, the aggressor is believed to have launched a series of attacks on vehicles belonging to relatives and friends of the Hutch mob.

“Because of the assault and the attacks on the cars, this individual is very much a target for the Hutch mob.”

The soccer star’s brother is also suspected of torching a car owned by the mother of Eddie Staunton (25) in the Glasnevin area.

Staunton, a cousin of Gary Hutch, was run over and shot in the groin and stomach on James Joyce Street in the capital’s north inner city on March 26.

“This guy may be related to a famous Irish footballer but he is now firmly in the sights of the Hutch gang,” said a source.

“There are grave threats against him. He has been causing a lot of problems in the last few years.”

This is not the first time Ross Hutch – who won €33,000 in cash and prizes on RTE’s Winning Streak in 2015 – has been on the receiving end of a violent attack.

The nephew of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, whose father Eddie and cousin Gareth were murdered as part of the Hutch/ Kinahan feud last year, was beaten while enjoying his dinner in a hotel in the north inner city last December.

That savage assault was captured on CCTV, with his attacker caught raining down blows on his victim.

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Ross Hutch has been repeatedly warned that his life is under threat since his father Eddie (58) was gunned down by the Kinahan cartel in February 2016 at their home in the north inner city.

He was also close by when his cousin Gareth Hutch was shot dead in Dublin last May.

He has so far dodged death of four separate occasions – most recently in March of this year when gardai discovered a car equipped with a “kill kit” parked near his house.

Sources confirmed at the time that the weapons and vehicle were to be used in a murder attempt on the 24-year-old.

The attacks on the cars led to a huge increase in tensions between the two gangs and the murder of Michael Keogh, the 12th in the feud.

He was shot dead in an underground car park in Dorset Street earlier this month.

He was laid to rest on Wednesday, and at his funeral mass gardai were forced to sweep the church for bombs before the service could begin.


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