Thursday 22 March 2018

Republican group attacks rival gang ... in press release

Alan Ryan
Alan Ryan

Ken Foy

A Republican splinter group is sending out press releases claiming its rivals are garda informers and sex offenders.

Dublin-based Irish Republican Voice (IRV), which had close connections to slain RIRA leader Alan Ryan, issued a biz-arre release in which it named and pictured four Traveller men from Rathfarnham and Sandyford.

It claimed they were responsible for the alleged crimes.

The IRV statement also claimed that the four men were responsible for attacking a house with an 18-month-old child in it.

It is understood that gardai are investigating the claims, but no charges have been brought in relation to the allegations.

It is not known who in the IRV sent the communication to media organisations, but the dissident Republican grouping was previously led by Alan Ryan's close pal James McDonagh, who is from the Nutgrove area of Rathfarnham.

McDonagh was assaulted and had his home in Nutgrove Crescent smashed up in December as part of a feud in Dublin.

It is understood he has since been staying in city hotels.

He has been warned a number of times by gardai about an active threat against his life.

A car was damaged outside his house in November as part of a campaign of intimidation by a Traveller criminal.

McDonagh claims he was targeted after a woman he knows made a serious criminal complaint against the Traveller.

A pal of McDonagh is previously reported to have said the family is now homeless because of the attacks.


"The people behind this have done the same thing to three other families in Nutgrove," said the pal.

"They threw a pipe bomb at one of the houses but it blew up before it got to the house. The guards are trying to prevent a dangerous feud breaking out.

McDonagh was a close pal of Ryan and has been in various republican groups since his murder, including the political wing of the Continuity IRA.

He recently re-established the IRV after having disbanded it following pressure from other republican groups.


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