Friday 6 December 2019

Regency attackers fled in six vehicles after horror shooting

The van used by gunmen
The van used by gunmen

Ken Foy

The six-man hit team that carried out the brutal Regency Hotel gun attack were collected in six separate cars close to where they set fire to their getaway van after escaping from Drumcondra.

The silver Ford Transit van was torched by the gang at the Charlemont housing estate in nearby Marino. It has now emerged that the murder squad were picked up by six different cars, which included a number of taxis.

Sources have revealed that gardai have obtained good quality CCTV of the killers making their escape and it is understood that the getaway vehicles sped off in different directions.

"This means that at least 12 people were active participants in the murder of David Byrne at the hotel and a number of these individuals have been identified," a source explained.

"Gardai are hopeful of being able to press charges in this case and it should not be long now before the investigation goes into the arrest phase," the source added.

Gardai have not located all of the vehicles but have recovered a taxi and two cars which they believe were used to transport the hotel killers.

Forensic testing has been carried out on the vehicles and sources have revealed that the cars are connected to north inner city associates of Gary Hutch, who was shot dead by the Kinahan cartel last September.

It is understood that at least one of the getaway cars drove north out of the city and across the border in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

A car containing two masked men was seen driving erratically on the M1 at around 3pm, almost forcing cars off the road.

It previously emerged that before they made it to the Charlemont estate, where they were picked up by the waiting cars, the killers were so brazen that they casually waited at an electronic gateway into a private apartment complex at the Gracepark Manor estate and used a key fob to open the gates.

This process took 15 seconds as shocked people looked on. Gardai believe that the gun attack was planned for weeks and management at the hotel have said the CCTV system was interfered with on the Monday before the gun attack, but security experts were brought in to repair it.

On Thursday, the system again stopped working when the "record" function of the CCTV was shut down.

The malfunction was picked up by hotel management who called in security experts who suspected an attempt had been made to hack into the system.


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