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Patrick Quirke assaulted Mary Lowry and threatened Bobby Ryan - Mr Moonlight's ex says

Former girlfriend of 'love-rival' victim reveals phone call made to the DJ

Pat Quirke. Photo: Collins
Patrick Quirke's wife Imelda outside the Central Courts of Justice in Dublin during the murder trial. Photo: Colin Keegan
Bobby Ryan's children Robert Jnr and Michelle outside court
Patrick Quirke left the body of Bobby Ryan (pictured) in a run-off tank after killing him
Mary Lowry. Photo: Mark Condren

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Convicted killer Pat Quirke previously threatened murder victim Bobby Ryan and was charged with assaulting their love interest Mary Lowry.

Mr Ryan's former girlfriend Mary Glasheen has told how Quirke had threatened the part-time DJ. However, she was not able to mention this in court.

More details can be revealed today about the violent nature of the killer, who is beginning his life sentence in Mountjoy.

Ms Glasheen said Quirke "threatened Bobby over the phone, which he later told me about".

Quirke (50) was convicted this week of the murder of Mr Ryan, a part-time DJ known as 'Mr Moonlight'.

The 15-week trial heard Quirke had an affair with Ms Lowry, the sister-in-law of his wife Imelda Quirke, after the death of Ms Lowry's husband.

But Quirke was also previously before the courts on a charge of assaulting Ms Lowry, who was the subject of intense jealousy when she started a relationship with Mr Ryan. The charges were later withdrawn by the DPP.

As Quirke begins life in jail, wife Imelda, who stood by him during the trial, is expected to visit him in Mountjoy today. He is likely to be moved, possibly to the Midlands Prison, in the near future.

Ex-girlfriend: Mary Glasheen (pictured) had a three-month relationship with murder victim Bobby Ryan before he went on to meet Mary Lowry
Ex-girlfriend: Mary Glasheen (pictured) had a three-month relationship with murder victim Bobby Ryan before he went on to meet Mary Lowry

Ms Glasheen previously told the murder trial that she had a relationship with Mr Ryan but was “delighted” when he met Ms Lowry and “could be happy, hopefully”.

She had a three-month relationship with Mr Ryan starting in January 2008 after she separated from her husband, who subsequently passed away the following year. She described Mr Ryan as “bubbly, kind, liked dancing, happy”.

Speaking to the Irish Independent last night, Ms Glasheen said Mr Ryan told her about a threatening phone call he had received from Quirke in the months leading up to his death.

“He threatened Bobby over the phone, which he later told me about,” she said. “However, I wasn’t given a chance to use it as evidence in court because it was deemed as hearsay.”

Pat Quirke. Photo: Collins
Pat Quirke. Photo: Collins

Statements made by someone other than the witness themselves normally are ruled as inadmissable.

She added that the past two nights since Quirke’s conviction had been “very tough”.

“I had a rough night yesterday and didn’t sleep too well. It’s been very tough but thank God it’s all over.”

However, she also expressed her dismay at the prospect of Quirke appealing his conviction. “Hopefully, it won’t happen. Fingers crossed.”

Further details of Quirke’s previous court appearances can also be revealed now that the murder trial is dealt with.

In 2014, Quirke, of Breanshamore, Tipperary, was charged with assault causing harm to Ms Lowry at her home in Fawnagown, Tipperary town between August 1 and 31, 2012. Quirke was also charged with burglary at the same address and handling stolen goods on December 3, 2012. The charges followed a Garda investigation into complaints of burglary at Ms Lowry’s home. She became so fearful for her safety at Fawnagown that she had an elaborate CCTV system installed.

At the time, Sergeant Cathal Godfrey told Tipperary District Court that the case file was submitted to the DPP in late March 2014.

“The DPP has directed that all three charges now be withdrawn,” Sgt Godfrey said.

According to sources, Quirke is showing no signs of stress or anxiety in Mountjoy prison as he begins his life sentence.

It is expected that his wife will visit him over the weekend having stood with him throughout the trial. He is now in a cell on the C1 landing in the main prison with around 25 inmates who are described as quiet and obedient.

“It’s like there’s not a bother on him. He looks like he’s taking it in his stride,” said one source. Staff are unsure whether Quirke, now known as prisoner 107243, is genuinely unfazed by his new surroundings or if he is good at hiding his real feelings.

He has been assessed by medical and psychological staff after being incarcerated on Wednesday afternoon.

He would have been placed in a quiet environment within the prison deliberately, until he gets used to the prison life and regime.

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