Wednesday 17 July 2019

Paralysed gangland gun victim causing mayhem on public hospital ward

Gun victim Jonathan Burke
Gun victim Jonathan Burke

Ken Foy

Management at St Vincent's Hospital have been pleading with gardai to help them deal with a gangland shooting victim who has been causing mayhem.

Jonathan Burke (40) was left paralysed from the waist down after a shotgun attack in Bray, Co Wicklow, in November 2014.

Gardai believe the weapon used to shoot him had been stolen by his own gang in a burglary two years ago.

Of more pressing concern is Burke's disruptive behaviour on a public ward in the hospital, where it has been alleged that his associates have been sneaking him drugs, including heroin.

"He is causing mayhem in the hospital. He is off his head all the time and regularly abuses staff," a source said.

"Burke seems to think he can stay in the hospital forever and party on, but that can't continue.

"He won't leave when the bed he's in is required for somebody in much greater need.

"This has been going on for months now and Burke has upset a lot of people with his behaviour, but he refuses to move out - he says there is no way he will go back to Bray."

Sources have revealed that Burke is under continuing threat in his hometown because he moved on to the main local drug lord's patch.

"Burke gave him the two fingers and he has ended up the way he has," said the source.

"Now he's giving society the two fingers with his disgraceful behaviour in hospital.

"It's up to Donnybrook gardai to deal with this now, and in fairness they've been operating armed checkpoints at the hospital, but that can't go forever either."

Burke was one of the first prisoners to be convicted of being in possession of a mobile phone in Wheatfield Prison, and was also caught trying to escape.

One of the heroin addict's most serious convictions was in April 2008, when he was jailed for five years for taking part in multiple armed robberies of pharmacies.

The main suspects for the hit that left Burke paralysed are a local drugs gang led by a convicted killer.

The same thugs are suspected of kneecapping a man in August 2014. The victim, Tiernan Stokes, was shot in the People's Park in Bray.


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