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'I opened the bag and saw a human leg, arms and flip-flops' - man who found remains of Keane Mulready Woods


Keane Mulready-Woods (Garda/PA)

Keane Mulready-Woods (Garda/PA)

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Teenager Keane Mulready-Woods

Teenager Keane Mulready-Woods


Keane Mulready-Woods (Garda/PA)

A DAD-OF-TWO who discovered the dismembered remains of Keane Mulready Woods in a sports bag today speaks of his horror —saying he feels like he’s trapped in a real-life version of cartel drama Narcos.

The man, who unwittingly carried the sports bag containing murdered 17-year-old Keane’s limbs into his north Dublin home, now fears being “dragged into a van and broken up” by the teen’s killers unless he makes it clear he didn’t see them dump the remains.

“I’m haunted by what I saw in that bag,” he told the Sunday World .“I’ve watched [Netflix cartel dramas] Narcos and El Chapo so I’m used to seeing stuff like that on television.

“But I never ever thought I’d see anything like this in my own life - it shook me to the core.


Teenager Keane Mulready-Woods

Teenager Keane Mulready-Woods

“I was in two minds about coming and doing this interview but I’m afraid if I don’t I’ll be dragged into a van and broke up by these people.

“I need them to know I didn’t see the car the bag was thrown from.”

The murder of teenager Keane has horrified the nation and sparked political fury.

Gardai believe he was killed by one of Drogheda’s feuding gangs.

Speaking to the Sunday World, the distraught dad who found Keane’s remains said his ordeal began shortly after 10pm on Monday, January 13 when he was drawn outside his home in Moatview, Coolock by the sound of sirens coming from a garda chase in the area.

“I walked out to see what all the commotion was about and I noticed the bag.

“It looked fairly new and it was just sitting on the wall off Moatview Gardens leading up Moatview Drive.

“It was a long sports bag – I didn’t notice a brand on it. My first thought was that it was after being thrown out of a car and left there because of the police being in the area.”

He continued: “There were three things I thought it might have been.

“I thought, maybe someone had forgotten their gym gear; that it was stolen goods or it was drugs. And there was drugs found out there not so long ago so it wouldn’t have been too far of a leap.

“I picked it up and I went into the house with it. The bag was heavy - that’s what really piqued my interest.

“I thought there’s something important in this. We opened it up — me and another person in the house — after we brought it out to the front room.

“She thought it was meat from an animal but when I looked at it closely I said: ‘That’s not meat … that’s a human leg'. And then I saw the arms and a pair of flip flops.

”The man continued that he went into a panic when he realised what he had brought into his home.

“When I realised what we had in the house I ran back out with it and put it back where it came from,” he said.

“By then all the neighbours came out because we were screaming ‘there are body parts in the bag.’ And one of the neighbours rang the gardai.

“When I put it [the bag] back out, I put it next to the wall. The gardai arrived about 15 minutes later and we said it to them that there were body parts in it.

“At first they said ‘yeah’ because I think they thought it was a decoy to distract them from the robbery chase going on at the same time.

“But then one of the guards went over with a torch and looked in the bag.

“And I saw him give a nod to the other guard as if to say ‘yeah, there they are …the remains.”

The man said he didn’t know at the time that gardai had been on high alert after receiving intelligence a 17-year-old youth had been abducted and chopped up as part of the murderous feud gripping Drogheda.

Fears for the welfare of teenager Keane Mulready Woods were heightened due to reports he had been targeted by a criminal faction with links to Coolock-based mobster Robbie Lawlor.

Intelligence suggested Lawlor’s mob, who are aligned with one faction in the feud, targeted Woods because of his friendship with a youth who videotaped an assault on Lawlor during which his flip-flops were stolen.

Keane’s family have insisted he was not involved with either of the warring gangs.

“We basically found out who it [the victim] was within a few hours,” the man continued.

“Messages were going round on social media about this young fella who was missing saying he’d been abducted and chopped up.

“He was only 17 … that’s only a child really.

“I have a son who is 17, so when I found out they belonged to that young fella … all I could think was: ‘Jesus what must his family be going through?”

Despite the gravity of the crime,the man says he was unwilling at any stage to co-operate with gardai out of fear he would be targeted by the young man’s killers.

“I wasn’t going to co-operate with the guards because I didn’t want to get drawn into this.

“I didn’t tell them we’d brought the bag into the house but they found out from neighbours before they’d even knocked on my door.

“So I had to go down to Coolock to give a DNA sample at Coolock Garda Station so they could rule out my DNA.

“The gardai did ask me to give a statement but I told them I wouldn’t be willing to.

“To be honest, I’m afraid. I’m afraid to give a statement because the fella who has been implicated in this is not someone to be messed with.

“I’m just hoping that no-one would think I seen it being dropped there because I definitely didn’t. I was half expecting to be taken off the road into the back of a van and broken up to be questioned about this.

“I don’t want people to think I seen something I shouldn’t have. I want people to know I didn’t and that I haven’t given a statement … I’m afraid. I wouldn’t have done that.”

Asked why he believes the bag was dumped on his road, the man continued: “I can only tell you what people are saying and that’s that this was done to send a message. The flip flops in the bag … they were the message.”

The man said he doesn’t know if he will ever get over the shock of seeing the teenager’s remains.

“I’m not even sleeping over it, I’m under an awful lot of stress,” he continued.

“I just can’t get this out of my mind. I’m having nightmares … in one of them I was actually in the bag myself and I was trying to get out.

“It was horrible. I’ve nearly ended up back on drugs over this. I just wish I’d never picked it up.

“It was a horrific thing to happen to a 17-year old boy. I’m living on edge now but I don’t know anything except for what I’m after telling you.

“And I’m glad I don’t know anything. That’s why I’m doing this … so they’ll know I’m no threat to them.”

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