Saturday 25 May 2019

Hutch-linked criminal selling drug-infused 'space cakes' on social media

A criminal who has close links to the Hutch mob is selling drug-infused cakes online
A criminal who has close links to the Hutch mob is selling drug-infused cakes online
THC infused Oreo Doughnuts

Ken Foy

A criminal who has close links to the Hutch mob is using social media to sell “space cakes” and other homemade products laced with cannabis herb, can reveal

In bizarre scenes, the Finglas man has been spotted at a number of north Dublin supermarkets in recent weeks buying large amounts of eggs and bags of flour and sugar which it is suspected are used to make space cakes.

The baker, who is in his 30s, was a very close associate of Shane Fowler (32) who died after crashing a motorcycle into a pole on Dunsink Avenue on the Sunday of the May bank holiday weekend.


Sources have told that the “cake dealer” uses a number of different supermarkets in an attempt not to attract attention, but locals have seen him buying the baking materials in bulk on a number of occasions in recent months.

Last week he was spotted leaving a Finglas store with bags full of baking material.

“He must have bought about five bags of flour and at least four dozen eggs as well as a few bags of sugar. He’s often observed buying this stuff,” a source revealed.

HC infused orange, lemon and hazelnut chocolates
HC infused orange, lemon and hazelnut chocolates

It is understood that the man then goes back to his Finglas home where a selection of “weed muffins, cakes, cookies and chocolates” are made, according to a social media page in which his products are advertised.

“This fella seems to have been in this business for around a year,” a source said.

“He started off selling small bottles of cannabis oil which he was selling for €50 each but then quickly moved into the cake business as well.

“A lot of his customers seem to be females and people who don’t smoke, so they’d have no interest in smoking cannabis joints but do have an interest in getting stoned.

“It seems that some of his other customers are people who suffer from pain due to illness or ailments and they use the cannabis oil or eat the cakes for pain relief.

“There’s no doubt that he has got a good little business going on, and even though there are plenty of people in his locality aware of what he’s doing, he has also set up a social media page in which he dis plays some of his products.”

Among the space cakes on display on the man’s social media site are “THC-infused caramel brownies”, “THC-infused Oreo doughnuts” and “THC-infused orange, lemon and hazelnut chocolates”.

Also displayed is what appears to be an elaborately made 21st birthday cake and a chocolate and lemon swirl cake.

Prosecutions in relation to possession of cannabis cakes are rare in Ireland, but in December 2011 a Galway man was charged after he was caught with 18 slices of cake at the Rory Gallagher Music Festival in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, which he was selling for €4 each.

When the man appeared in the local district court on drug dealing charges, Judge Kevin Kilrane asked: “Who bakes them or where can we get them?”

The man’s solicitor told Ballyshannon District Court that “a speck” of cannabis was added to the cake, which was baked like a bun.

“The content is very, very low,” the solicitor said. can reveal that the Finglas criminal involved in the space cake enterprise is closely associated with a number of Hutch gang-aligned criminals who have been feuding with the mob led by cartel-aligned drug dealer Mr Flashy, resulting in numerous violent incidents over the past year.

The death of his close associate Fowler (32) in early May increased tensions throughout gangland after gardai received intelligence that Mr Flashy’s crew could target a pub where his family members gathered after the funeral mass on May 11.


He was taken to James Connolly Memorial Hospital where he was treated for serious neck injuries. However, he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Immediately after the fatal crash, a firearm was discovered as paramedics from the Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) were treating Fowler at the scene.

However, before gardai arrived, an unknown man emerged from the crowd that had formed and picked up the handgun before fleeing.

Despite multiple searches, gardai have not recovered the weapon.

A senior source said there was “absolutely no intelligence or credibility” to suggest that Fowler was on his way to murder Mr Flashy.


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