Sunday 27 May 2018

Gardaí on alert after 'reckless' young thug released from prison

Gareth Chubb
Gareth Chubb

Robin Schiller

A garda alert has been issued to officers across the capital after one of Dublin’s most reckless young criminals was released from jail.

The 23-year-old, who gardaí  believe is dangerous and unpredictable, walked free from prison last month after serving a lengthy sentence for firearms offences.

A bulletin issued to Garda stations in the capital notified officers that the Crumlin criminal had been released from jail, and described him as a “highly active criminal”.

He is now being subjected to regular stop-and-searches by both uniformed gardaí  and armed detectives.

The criminal is suspected of being a significant distributor of drugs in the south inner city, as well as the Crumlin/Drimnagh area.


Gardaí  suspect he is leading a gang of young thugs who are considered as the “up-and-coming” generation of criminals in the capital.

The young criminal cannot be named, as he is currently facing serious charges before the courts.

There are fears the man will become involved in a campaign of violence on behalf of his drugs gang.

“He has only been out a few weeks but is flat-out dealing again. There are grave concerns among locals about his release,” a senior source said last night.

“There is no doubt that he will become involved in attacks regarding outstanding drug debts.”

The criminal was not due for release until 2019, but was let out last month due to receiving a partially-suspended sentence and remission for good behaviour.

He was serving jail time after being caught with a firearm on a south Dublin street.

Despite his young age,  he has been on the radar of gardaí  for almost a decade, and began causing major concern for detectives when he was just 16.

He has links to local criminals associated with the Kinahan cartel, including senior figures Liam Byrne and Gareth Chubb.

After being cleared of a manslaughter charge in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, Chubb returned to Ireland and was recently pictured in Belfast.

A number of the recently-released man’s associates have been locked up in recent years for firearms offences, but at least two of them are back on the streets.

The gang is suspected of being involved in a number of punishment shootings and beatings, as part of a personal dispute with a local man.

The dispute began when the two thugs damaged the man’s car, and has since led to the innocent family’s house being shot up. They were also behind a botched attempt on the man’s life.

The young men were  previously regarded as low-ranking members of a Crumlin-based gang, but have since built up reputations as ruthless criminals.


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