Monday 22 January 2018

Gangland victim 'shot in case of mistaken identity'

Gardaí examine the scene of a shooting in Balcurris Park West, Ballymun.
Gardaí examine the scene of a shooting in Balcurris Park West, Ballymun.

Ken Foy

Gardaí are investigating if the latest gangland victim may have been shot in a case of mistaken identity.

Notorious criminal Glen Kiely was injured in the shooting at Balcurris Park West, Ballymun, after one of five bullets fired at him shattered his hip and lodged in his body.

Kiely (30) was recovering in hospital last night after another bullet grazed his head.

Sources said the intended target of the gun attack may have been a close associate of criminal Kiely, who has been the victim of a campaign of harassment by a notorious Ballymun-based gang for a number of years.

"Gardaí are looking at the possibility that the gunman might have thought he was shooting at someone else," a source said.

Part of the Garda investigation is determining if the same gang who targeted Kiely is also responsible for arson attacks on three vehicles in the same estate in December 2015. The windows of the vehicles were broken and an accelerant was thrown into the cars, which were parked behind each other.

This dispute between gangs has been ongoing in the locality since the murder of Ian McConnell (28), who was shot dead in Ballymun as part of a feud more than 11 years ago.

Monday night's gun victim was recently released from prison and is extremely well known to gardaí.

Kiely has more than 40 convictions and was previously jailed for his part in a violent attack on a man.

A court heard that Kiely had brought a knuckleduster and a hurley to this assault off Balbutcher Lane in November 2013. Two others were also involved in the attack.

The victim suffered what was described as a "severe beating" but no formal complaint was made.

Kiely served an 18-month jail term for this and has addiction problems.

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