Sunday 16 December 2018

Fugitive cartel hitmen linked to four murders arrested in UK

Daniel Kinahan.
Daniel Kinahan.

Ken Foy

Two of the Kinahan cartel's on-the-run hitmen have been arrested in the UK for their alleged involvement in a burglary, the Herald can reveal.

The dangerous thugs are considered key associates of the cartel and have been involved in at least two murders linked to the ongoing Hutch-Kinahan feud.

One of the pair, a 38-year-old from the Finglas area, is the chief suspect in the murders of Eddie Hutch Snr and Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan.

He is also suspected of carrying out the 2014 murder of Stephen 'Dougie' Moran as well as the botched hit attempt on John Gilligan two weeks before.

The second thug, a 29-year-old from Cabra, has more than 100 convictions and is suspected of involvement in the murder of Latvian mum Baiba Saulite as well as the Eddie Hutch killing.

The two men were arrested by Cheshire Police on Thursday as part of an investigation into a burglary. A woman was also arrested.

Gardai have been made aware of the arrests and are liaising with British police.

The Herald has also learned that the 38-year-old suspect, who has been on the run for nearly two years, has become addicted to heroin amid the ongoing pressure of various police forces investigating him.

"He is considered one of Dublin's most dangerous criminals, but he's now taking heroin and is carrying out minor crimes to feed his habit," a source said.

"Both men are very capable hitmen who have a serious criminal pedigree behind them."

Gardai believe the pair were half of the four-man team that murdered Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's brother, Eddie Hutch Snr, on February 8, 2016.

Officers believe the Finglas thug was the gunman captured on CCTV who burst into Hutch's north inner city home and shot him dead.

He was arrested by Mountjoy gardai and questioned for several days before being released without charge.

He was also the suspected triggerman in the murder of Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan (58), a convicted cigarette smuggler who was murdered in March 2016.

Duggan was a long-time associate of 'The Monk'.

He was not involved in the Hutch-Kinahan feud but was considered a target because of his ties with The Monk.

The Finglas suspect was thought to be the assailant who burst into a property in Greenfort Crescent, Clondalkin, in March 2014, before opening fire on convicted drug trafficker John Gilligan (65).

Gilligan suffered a broken hip, abdominal injuries, a shot to the leg and a graze to the head in the attack, but survived.

It was the second attempt on his life since his release from Ireland's highest security jail, in Portlaoise, after serving 17 years for drug trafficking.

Exactly two weeks later, the Finglas man is suspected of blasting gangland fixer Stephen 'Dougie' Moran (46) to death outside his fortified home in Lucan, west Dublin.

Moran had been driving exiled crime boss Gilligan around in his bulletproof BMW 4x4 since his release from Port- laoise, and this has been treated as the prime motive for the killing.

The man from Cabra has been investigated for two gangland killings, including the callous shooting of mother-of-two Ms Saulite in 2006.

The Latvian woman was shot dead outside her home in Holywell Square, Swords, on the orders of a foreign criminal.


The crime shocked the nation and gardai arrested 18 people as part of the massive investigation, however nobody has ever been charged in connection with her murder.

Despite being among the cartel's most trusted hitmen, the two thugs arrested in England were forced to flee the country due to intense pressure from gardai and rival mobsters from the Hutch faction.

Gardai believe they have spent the majority of their time on the run in the Midlands, along with a number of other cartel associates, before their arrest in Cheshire.

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