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Foley is famed in gangland for surviving murder attempts


The Viper Foley

The Viper Foley

The Viper Foley

Martin 'The Viper' Foley has earned his place in gangland history as the man who survived more murder attempts than any other.

His penchant for attracting the ire of other criminals has resulted in four attempts on his life. Bullets decorate his frame with 14 entry and exit wounds. Foley (64) also survived a kidnapping carried out by an IRA gang in 1984 when he was a key member of Martin 'The General' Cahill's gang.

On that occasion, he was lucky that an eagle-eyed garda spotted him being taken away in a van.

The 'Viper' was rescued after a high-speed chase during which the gang opened fired on pursuing gardaĆ­.

For several years, he operated a debt collection agency using his fearsome reputation to convince people to pay up.

He decided to cash in on his notorious nickname, The Viper, which, incidentally, has nothing to do with his reputation for being a dangerous hard man.

In fact, his former boss, Martin Cahill, gave him the title because he suspected that Foley had been informing to the police.

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