Saturday 24 February 2018

Dad accused of being a 'rat' by Hutch mob repeatedly stabbed after being lured to Dublin bar

Gerry Hutch
Gerry Hutch

Ken Foy

A brutal knife attack in which a 59-year-old man was stabbed multiple times in the stomach, side and chest is being linked to major tensions within the Hutch gang.

Sources have revealed that senior gangsters within the Hutch mob are blaming a father-and-son criminal team for being "rats", or garda informers.

This comes as officers have had major success against the organised crime grouping since their deadly feud with the Kinahan cartel kicked-off.

While the targeted son is currently in jail on remand in relation to serious gang-related charges, his father is on bail and became the target of a "savage" knife attack last week.

Freddie Thompson and Daniel Kinahan
Freddie Thompson and Daniel Kinahan

It is understood that the middle-aged man is still being treated for his injuries at the Mater Hospital after being stabbed multiple times.


Sources said that he was lured to a pub meeting in the Summerhill area of the capital at around 9pm on Thursday of last week and was attacked on the street outside the pub.

Details of the shocking attack have only emerged now.

It is suspected that a number of senior members of the Hutch mob were involved after the target was branded a "rat".

After suffering around half-a-dozen "deep stab wounds" the victim was left for dead by his former associates who fled the scene.

The man was still able to drive himself to hospital where he required emergency treatment. Such was the serious nature of the man's injuries, medics decided major surgery was needed.

Gardai from Mountjoy Garda Station are investigating the brutal stabbing and no arrests have been made so far.

It is not known if the victim has made a complaint to gardai.

It has also emerged that jail bosses are monitoring his son's safety and are aware that he must be kept apart from certain other gang-affiliated prisoners within the prison system.

The man in his 30s is awaiting trial on charges linked to the Kinahan/Hutch feud.

"It is not known if these fellas are co-operating with gardai or not, the problem is that if someone starts blaming you for doing it, you are in deep trouble straight away," a source said.

"You can become a target just because someone blames you for talking to gardai. It is as simple as that and the consequences can be very bad indeed," the source added.


Three months ago it was revealed that the Hutch mob, who are involved in a deadly gangland feud with the Kinahan cartel, were paranoid that there was a "rat in the camp".

Suspicions arose after a number of high-profile garda successes in raids against the crew.

At the time, sources said "internal gang inquiries" were under way after garda busts.

It was revealed that the gang, whose stronghold is in the north inner city, was trying to find the suspected grass.

With such a focus on a "rat in the Hutch camp", it is ironic that one theory about why Gary Hutch was shot dead last September is because he was suspected of being a tout by the Kinahan cartel.

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