Sunday 21 July 2019

Criminal branded a 'rat' in graffiti threat is held over murder of Eddie Hutch

The graffiti campaign which had branded the arrested man a 'rat'
The graffiti campaign which had branded the arrested man a 'rat'

Ken Foy

A criminal, aged in his early 30s, was yesterday arrested over the feud murder of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s older brother Eddie at his Dublin home two years ago.

The arrested man has been the subject of a sinister graffiti campaign by the Hutch mob in recent weeks, branding him a "rat" – actions that have stoked up the deadly feud and contributed to its two latest killings.

Thursday will be the second anniversary of the brutal gun murder of Eddie Hutch (58), known to his pals as 'Neddy'.

The killing was carried out by a four-man hit team.

Edward Hutch
Edward Hutch

The suspect arrested yesterday was blamed by the Hutch mob for involvement in the murder, but this is the first time he has been arrested in relation to it.

Gardai used mechanical saws to cut open a door when they raided a flat linked to the suspect shortly before 7am yesterday and then arrested him.

Sources said screaming could be heard inside the north inner city property before the suspect was arrested and led away by heavily-armed gardai.

He was taken to Mountjoy Garda Station, where he can be held for questioning for up to a week in relation to what was the third murder in the capital’s savage feud – which has now claimed 15 lives.

Gardai still believe that Eddie was murdered simply because he was a brother of ‘The Monk’ – who may have been involved in the planning of the Regency attack, which claimed the life of cartel figure David Byrne (33).

The last time the publicity-shy ‘Monk’ was photographed was at his slain older brother’s funeral in February 2016, when he showed up in disguise.

The four-man hit team, which burst into Eddie’s home at Poplar Row, later escapedin a silver 06 BMW car.

Two of the killers are believed to have escaped in a silver 06 BMW car, which was later found dumped on St Patrick’s Parade, on the nearby Drumcondra Road. It was not burnt out, and a container of fuel was found with the car.

The suspects then got into either a dark-coloured Isuzu 4x4 vehicle or a Toyota Landcruiser and drove on to Lindsay Road.

A small black car, possibly a Peugeot or Renault, was also seen in the area of Poplar Row at the time of the shooting.

Eddie’s killing was seen as a revenge attack for the Regency Hotel shooting, in which Byrne was assassinated and two of his pals injured.

Two notorious hitmen, from Cabra and Finglas, have also been arrested as part of the probe.

Both have since fled abroad because of garda heat and the fact they face serious charges before the courts.

The criminal arrested yesterday is suspected of playing a “major role” in the gruesome murder of Eddie. He has more than 70 previous convictions, including for assaulting gardai and drug dealing.

The Herald previously revealed that the suspect has been accused of being the “eyes and ears” of the Kinahan cartel in the Hutch mob’s north inner city heartland since the deadly feud kicked off two years ago, as he has lived there all his life.

He has been the victim of threatening graffiti messages in the past but the threat against him escalated after he was blamed for a savage knife attack in December on a man in his 30s, who is closely linked to the Hutch mob on a city street.

After the non-fatal knife attack in Dublin city centre, the suspected stabber had regularly been seen in the company of a convicted sex offender and a criminal who was previously subjected to a punishment shooting for stealing drugs.

Then, last month, gardai arrested a vulnerable man in his 40s after two loaded handguns were found in his north inner city apartment.

Gardai believe they were to be used to murder the criminal who was detained yesterday if he attempted to clean up the threatening graffitithat was posted about him in the area.

Just days after this gun seizure was made, the Eddie Hutch murder suspect was warned of a credible threat on his life from the Hutch gang.

On Saturday, January 20, tensions finally exploded.

Just two days after the suspect was served with a Garda Information Message – also known as a GIM form – Derek Coakley Hutch (27) was shot dead in the Bridgeview halting site beside Cloverhill Prisonin west Dublin.

This shocking murder happened just 10 days before Derek’s close pal Jason ‘Buda’ Molyneaux (27) was also murdered near his north inner city home.

Gardai have also been probing a feud link to the attempted murder of Hutch gang associate Graham ‘Choco’ Byrne, who was shot in the leg in an incident in the South Circular Road that happened in between the two murders.

Yesterday’s arrest means that at least nine people have been detained by gardai investigating the Eddie Hutch murder but there have been no charges.

Sources stressed last night that yesterday’s arrest was “extremely significant”.

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