Wednesday 16 October 2019

CCTV: Man attacked with weapon in broad daylight highlights reality of street crime

The assault happened in broad daylight
The assault happened in broad daylight
A man can be seen hitting a second man with what appears to be a crow bar
The attack was captured on CCTV
Gardai are investigating the attack

Eamon Dillon

THE stark reality of street crime in Ireland is laid bare in video of a broad daylight attack in an Irish provincial town this week.

A man rushes up to another man on the phone and begins beating him with what appears to be crowbar or wheel brace.

The assault caught on security camera took place in full view of passers-by on a street in Tralee.

Mayor of Kerry, Cllr Niall Kelleher told the Sunday World that the video clip was “very upsetting”.

“We hear of these incidents happening but to see them on CCTV is just frightening, in broad daylight,” he said.

One man is seen speaking on the phone accompanied by another who is holding his bicycle on a footpath outside a pub.

Suddenly a third man enters the frame wielding an iron bar and immediately goes to attack the man with phone.

The victim raises his arms in an attempt to protect himself and ducks but he is then dragged to the footpath.

A man can be seen hitting a second man with what appears to be a crow bar
A man can be seen hitting a second man with what appears to be a crow bar

His assailant then continues the sustained assault, lifting the iron bar in a two-handed grip over his head and bringing it down on the victims arm and body half a dozen times.

At one point the attacks looks to have ended when the attacker steps over the victim lying curled up on the ground.

However, he goes back and slams the bar three more times this time aiming for the victim’s leg and hip.

The assault comes to an end when the attacker breaks off and calmly walks away leaving the injured man lying on the footpath.

Gardai are investigating the attack
Gardai are investigating the attack

The attacker made no effort to disguise his appearance.

This week the Kerry’s Eye newspaper reported that the attacker had been identified by investigating gardaí.

Cllr Kelleher expressed his fear that such violence gives the impression that “there is a drug epidemic”.

“It’s with society at this moment in time, but the war on drugs needs to be stepped up.

“Specific resources need to be put into the people that are pushing drugs around our towns and villages.”

“This isn’t exclusive to Tralee,” he said. “Let’s be very clear it is everywhere and we need to continue and effectively have a zero tolerance to people who are peddling drugs and suppliers and dealers.”

Cllr Kelleher called on people within in their own communities to help fight back against drug dealers and work with gardaí on the issue.

“These aren’t people who come in under the cover of night they’re living in our communities.

“And we need a zero tolerance attitude towards drugs,” he added.

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