Tuesday 21 November 2017

Creighton says divisive issue is not one to 'claim victory over'

Liam Collins

Liam Collins

Defining the proposed abortion legislation will be "a lengthy process" junior minister Lucinda Creighton has predicted.

In an interview with Marc Coleman on Newstalk, the minister – who is regarded as part of the Fine Gael 'conservative' wing on the issue – said that the proposed legislation to deal with the X Case was not an issue to be "toyed with" or one that people should claim any "victory" over.

"It has to be done with sensitivity and deep consideration of the very difficult issues at hand," she said.

"Bearing in mind that there is no legal consensus on this and there is no medical consensus, it's a very grey area and it's impossible to rush it through," she said.

The Dublin TD and Minister of State for European Affairs said that while there was "a broad and general path forward" there is "no indication" from the Cabinet about the substance of the proposed legislation to deal with the issue.

"That's what I'm looking for to see, because I, like all my colleagues, want to make a judgement on that," she told the Newstalk presenter.

"I think that whatever about the jousting between the political parties – and whose approach to economic recovery is right or wrong – this (abortion) is not an issue that can be toyed with. It's not an issue that anybody should ever claim a political or any sort of victory over."

Turning to other issues, Ms Creighton defended the role of Fine Gael in government and in the much criticised 2013 Budget.

"Well firstly on income tax, which is probably the most crucial one as we try to get the country back on track, and we have ensured that there has been no increase in income tax and that will remain the case," she said.

"That is our commitment and we will deliver on it. I would say that both parties committed to maintaining the Croke Park Agreement in its current form, but we are very committed also to reforming and reviewing [it] comprehensively and that process is under way and I expect that it will deliver."

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