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Creighton insists issue is a matter of moral judgment

FINE GAEL junior minister Lucinda Creighton has refused to rule out resigning as a minister if she finds the proposed abortion legislation morally unacceptable.

"I have absolutely no intention of speculating about my future or about voting intentions for something that will not be considered by the Oireachtas for a number of months," said Ms Creighton, pictured.

She said she had "no idea" if her position as a member of the parliamentary party and junior minister was on the line because of her stance.

"I want to work with the Government to ensure that we can arrive with legislation that will protect women's lives, protect the lives of unborn babies and ensure that all members of government, and of the parties supporting the Government, can live with what's being proposed and can vote for it ultimately."

When pressed, the TD for Dublin South East insisted she's "never had any issue coming down on the side of my own moral judgment. That's not a dilemma for me at all".

She said she would make no final decision until the Bill had been discussed fully by the Oireachtas and by her party.

Ms Creighton insisted there were strongly held views among members of both parties in the Government which need to be respected.

Irish Independent