Wednesday 25 April 2018

Creedon calms studio intruder

David Forsythe

RTE admitted last night there was no security guard on duty when an intruder broke in to a studio and confronted broadcaster John Creedon while he was on air.

Mr Creedon (right) told yesterday how he came face-to-face with a man on Monday night as he hosted his nightly music show on Radio One from RTE's Cork studios.

Creedon spotted an intruder and sprang into action.

"I was on my own in the studio when I saw a face in the control room and I wondered who it might be," he said.

"I thought it might be a techie or something. I waved at him and when he didn't wave back it aroused my suspicions straight away," he said.

Seconds later the intruder was outside the door of the studio. "I introduced myself and said 'Hi, how ya doing, are you all right?' then, for want of a better word, he squared up to me," said the broadcaster.

The RTE presenter said he then moved to calm the intruder, telling him, 'You don't deserve to be in any more trouble than you're in already. Give me two minutes and I'll sort this out'.

With that, the uninvited guest fled. Gardai arrived on the scene shortly afterwards and the man was arrested on the first floor of the building and taken to the Bridewell garda station in Cork.

A spokesperson for RTE said there was not a 24-hour security guard at the premises but there was a "sophisticated" card-based security system.

"The system in use is similar to that you will find at many major companies and offices out of hours," said the spokesperson.

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