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Creditor vows to keep up his pursuit of former FF councillor over unpaid loan

WHILE Ger Killally and his family recovered from the ordeal of the shooting incident outside his home, one of the bust former politician's creditors was driving through nearby Edenderry with a billboard trailer outlining his grievances.

Joe Delaney (57) claims that Mr Killally owes him €346,500 in loans that he says he gave to the troubled businessman during 2008 in order "to help his family".

Mr Delaney has been vocal in his complaints that he hasn't been paid back by the former Fianna Fail councillor and has frequently driven his protest trailer through the Co Offaly town over recent years.

In 2011 he was arrested and charged with stalking Mr Killally, charges that Mr Delaney claims "never went anywhere".

He appeared in court and was granted bail on the condition that he stay away from Mr Killally.

In the statement of affairs that Mr Killally submitted in May 2010 as part of his bankruptcy petition, he listed Mr Delaney, from Carbury, Co Kildare, as a creditor and put the debt, recorded as a "personal loan", at €281,000.


However, Mr Delaney claims that the debt is almost €100,000 more than that.

Speaking last night, he displayed little sympathy for Mr Killally following the shooting incident at his home.

He said that he worked in the construction industry in Britain for 25 years and that Mr Killally became his accountant when he came back to Ireland.

He continued: "I was at his wedding and everything. I thought he was the bee's knees, a good honourable man.

"I helped him out to help his wife and family and to pay interest on a site. There's an awful lot of people got burned by him."

Despite the attack on Mr Killally, Mr Delaney vowed to continue his protest, saying: "I don't like people to think I forgot about it."

He added: "I'm doing no harm. I'm telling the truth."

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