Saturday 17 March 2018

CRC Santa Bears being handed back as ‘schools and shops can’t sell them’

The mum of a child attending the Central Remedial Clinic said staff and parents connected to the CRC are horrified by the controversy surrounding the top up payments.

Ciara Nagle, mum to 19-month-old toddler Charlie, said morale in the CRC is low, with both staff and parents only learning about latest developments from the media.

She also claimed their famous ‘Santa Bears’ – part of their Christmas fundraising campaign – have been sent back to the CRC as schools and shops have told them they can’t sell them.

Ciara’s son Charlie was born with a complex bone growth disorder and attends the CRC.

Sessions there are vital for Charlie’s growth and development.

“His condition is physical which means he would have a lot of demands in the CRC. For example, he has been in hospital for most of his life and is now attending the CRC.

“For example Charlie would be attending a physiotherapist, he would be attending an occupation therapist, speech and language, feeding clinic, his consultant would sit there, his surgeon would sit there, so he would be attending a lot of services.”

The CRC also caters for adults, Ms Nagle said, in terms of clients and parents of children.

“I would be part of a parent and toddler group every week. I’m there over a year. I see other parents come and go. Everyone has a different story – every child is different but everyone relies very, very heavily on the CRC for development, for everything.”

Ms Nagle said the controversy surrounding the top-up payments has hit both parents and the staff ‘on the ground’ at the CRC.

“It’s just been horrific.

“There’s a huge sense of disappointment, a huge sense of disgust and anger and from the staff as well. What people don’t realise is that the staff on the ground, which are the important part of the equation, they’re horrified.

“Morale is very low as you can imagine and worry, you know, worry for the future. As a parent, you worry about the impact on the services.

“This time of the year, they are famous for the CRC Santa Bear. Santa Bears are being handed back in from schools and shops because they just can’t sell them so it’s detrimental to their fundraising

“This is the time obviously that they need it.”

She said parents fear how this is going impact on services in the future.

“We don’t know how this is going to pan out in the future. There has been no communication, the staff are learning as we learn

“There needs to be transparency – there is no transparency... which is very sad for the staff and the parents.”

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