Friday 22 November 2019

Cowen takes back seat at visit to alma mater


OUTGOING Taoiseach Brian Cowen went back to his alma mater yesterday.

Mr Cowen attended the boarding school in the Cistercian College, which is on the Offaly side of the Tipperary border, from 1972 to 1977.

"Our school days are the time for nurturing the person, feeding their spirit and equipping us for that epic journey, long or short, which is the life allotted to us," he said.

Speaking from the count centre in Tullamore last night, Brian Cowen's brother, Barry, who is expected to be elected to the Dail, reflected on their time at the college.

"The late Fr Andrew Cowen -- our uncle -- won a scholarship to study there. He later joined the monastery so initially we went there because of our uncle," Mr Cowen said.

The brothers played rugby at the school and Brian Cowen was also on the athletics team.

The Taoiseach met Marceline Cody, president of the Cistercian College and Dom Richard Purcell at the office of Sext prayers at Mount Saint Joseph Abbey in Roscrea.

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