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Cowen back in the West for charity book launch

GALWAY is definitely not on the Taoiseach's list of places to be avoided, despite the damning controversy surrounding his last visit.

There were more than a few eyebrows raised when Brian Cowen readily agreed to do the honours in the western capital on Saturday night at the launch of a charity book, 'Hold That Thought' by Ronan Scully of GOAL and photographer Andrew Downes.

But author Mr Scully is an old family friend and Mr Cowen was intent on fulfilling the commitment.

This time the venue was the Radisson Blu Hotel, and not the Ardilaun from where Mr Cowen had given that 'Morning Ireland' interview only last month.

But there was an inevitability about the roar of laughter from the large attendance that greeted his opening remarks.

Mr Cowen said: "It's a great pleasure to be here. And, as I was saying, despite any suggestions to the contrary, I like coming to Galway and will be continuing coming to Galway."

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