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Covid-19 vaccine registration now open for people in their 50s


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Registration for Covid-19 vaccinations is extending this week to the 50s age bracket and will begin today with those aged 59.

Starting today, 59-year-olds are invited to register for the vaccine on the HSE website.

Registration will open in stages throughout the week for the 50s age bracket and will open as follows:

From Wednesday, those aged 58 can register.

From Thursday, 57s can register.

From Friday 56s can register.

From Saturday 55s are invited to register.

People aged 50 to 54 will be invited to register from Sunday 9 May.

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The registration will be split into separate days to manage demand, and appointments will be assigned by age, regardless of how quickly people register.

The HSE is expecting to administer between 220,000 to 24,000 vaccines this week, and a revised plan is expected to be announced later today.

The HSE will continue the vaccination roll-out on an aged based plan. Vaccinating different groups at the same time or in “parallel” is not expected to happen. This means that younger people will not be vaccinated earlier than planned.

To date there have been 1.59 million total vaccines administered in Ireland, and 30pc of the population have received their first dose.

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