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Youth (17) bailed on charges of robbing pizza delivery man

A TEENAGER has been re-admitted to bail pending sentence for a robbery which caused a delivery man to lose his job after a violent car hi-jacking in Dublin.

The 17-year-old boy had been detained for 28 days by the Dublin Children's Court in December for unlawful seizure of a pizza delivery man's car. But he has yet to be sentenced for robbery of the man, an Indian national, in connection with the incident at a housing estate in Ballyfermot, in west Dublin, on January 16 last year.

He had been ordered to obey bail conditions pending sentence but broke them resulting in him being remanded in custody last Tuesday. He was not staying at his home address and had not attended drug addiction counselling or taken part in a victim impact programme as directed earlier.

Today defence solicitor Aoife Corridon said the teenager was asking for bail for one week and would abide by a 6pm to 7am curfew. Earlier the court had also been told that the boy had been involved in domestic violence and his mother could not get a “safety order” taken out against him because he is still a minor.

The defence solicitor said today that the boy's mother would take him home and is “willing to attempt to mend bridges”.

The judge noted that the teenager had skipped court on 14 previous occasions but agreed to grant bail with the curfew and an order that he was not to put his family members in fear.

The boy, who also faces trespassing and motoring charges, was warned that if he broke the bail terms again he would go back into custody “and you will be in for a long time”. He is to appear again next week.

Earlier the court had been told that the boy had a cannabis abuse problem. Detective Garda James McDevitt had also told the court at a previous stage that the delivery man had lost his job as a result of his car being taken during the robbery and then written off.

He had said the man had arrived at the scene with a food delivery and was approached by three youths including the youth, and was threatened by another male with a knife and chain.

The gang demanded a pizza and took his car keys before they asked for his money.

“He was then assaulted, his head and back was hit with a chain and he was punched to the face,” Det Gda McDevitt had said adding that €160 was taken from the victim.

The teenager then drove the man's car to a field where it was written off, the court has heard.