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Woman tells court how she ducked deadly screwdriver

Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

A YOUNG Polish woman told a court how she ducked to avoid the swipe of a screwdriver that claimed the life of a friend standing behind her.

Her compatriots, Pawel Kalite (29) and Marius Szwajkos (27), died after they were both stabbed in the head with a screwdriver on February 23. 2008, on Benbulben Road in Drimnagh, Dublin.

Half-an-hour earlier, Mr Kalite had got into a fight outside the local chipper.

David Curran (19), of Lissadel Green, Drimnagh, denies murder but admits manslaughter due to provocation. His plea has not been accepted by the prosecution.

His co-accused, Sean Keogh (21) of Vincent Street West, Inchicore, Dublin, also denies the double murder.

Kamila Szeremeta told the trial yesterday that she held the hand of her housemate, Mr Kalite, in a bid to stop him from leaving the house.

She told how she was standing with Mr Kalite on the path and a group of teenagers who were passing on the opposite side of the road started "screaming and offending Polish people, saying: "All Polish are f*****s."

She asked them why and they ran in her direction. One of the men had a tool in his hand.

When this man attacked, she ducked.

"He had a tool in his hand and he was going for my head," she said.

Ms Szeremeta managed to avoid the swing but Mr Kalite collapsed after being stabbed.

She then remembered Marius Szwajoks jumping through the gate at the front of the house and the same person who had swung at Mr Kalite also swung at him.

Mr Szwajoks fell and she heard the sound as his head hit the ground, adding: "You could feel it on the pavement."

Earlier, Ms Szeremeta told how after the initial row outside the local chipper, Mr Kalite had pushed past her on the way into the house and he seemed upset.

He had a scratch on his forehead. When she asked him what had happened, he said he had been beaten up by some kids.

Mr Kalite said: "I'm almost 30 and those stupid little punks attacked me with a baseball bat."

Radek Szeremeta, her brother, told the court how he had gone to the shop at about 6.30pm and he saw Mr Kalite receive "hard slaps" from a couple of teenage girls.

Mr Szeremeta asked him if he was okay but Mr Kalite did not reply and went home.

A woman outside the shop told Mr Szeremeta that she thought his friend had been hit "unfairly".

Cross-examined, he agreed with counsel for David Curran, Giollaoisa O Lideadha, that he had said in his statement that Mr Kalite had come down the stairs shouting: "I will kill them all" and that he was a little drunk.


He also accepted that he had told gardai Mr Kalite was "like a lunatic. He was very mad, he was so mad, he was crying."

Earlier, in his evidence, Mr Szeremeta told how he and his sister Kamila had tried to persuade Mr Kalite not to go back outside the house following the incident at the chipper but they could not stop him.

Outside the house was a group of people and one man, aged about 16-19, ran towards Mr Kalite with something in his hand, which Mr Szeremeta realised was a screwdriver.

This person hit Mr Kalite. Then Marius Szwajkos, another housemate, started crying and bent down to help him and he was hit too.

He went out to see what had happened and saw Mr Kalite lying face-down between the gate and the sidewalk, while Mr Szwajkos was lying on his back.

He then heard the teenage girls say: "Oh my God, they killed him."

The trial continues.

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