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Woman strangled three times, court told

A former car dealership owner viciously assaulted his partner and her female friend after a night out, a court heard.

Garda Joanne Brogan revealed at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that Shane Lyons (41) began the attack on his ex-girlfriend by pushing her on to a bed and strangling her until her body went limp and her eyes "felt like they were about to pop".

He strangled Fiona Kelly twice more during the incident and flung her friend Kerry Lee Ball, whom he had met for the first time that night and who had given birth six weeks previously, out the front door on to her back.

Lyons, of Rock Grove, Harold's Grange, Rathfarnham, Dublin, has pleaded guilty to assaulting Ms Kelly and Ms Ball causing them harm at his address on August 31, 2009.

Gda Brogan told the court that Ms Kelly had left Lyons, Ms Ball and a third party at a city centre nightclub without telling anyone and returned to her ex-partner's home.

She later told gardai that Lyons returned to the house, told her to get out of bed and began "ranting and raving" about her leaving him as she gathered some personal things from downstairs.

Lyons then pushed her up against a downstairs bedroom wall, followed her back upstairs, flung her on to a bed and strangled her till her body went limp.

He locked her in the room, told her to sleep on the floor and removed her mobile phone battery.

He "boxed" her on the side of the head but eventually let her out of the room when she became hysterical.

Ms Ball arrived in a cab and tried to separate Ms Kelly from Lyons when he resumed strangling her during a later altercation in the bedroom.

Ms Kelly had approached Lyons with a bottle opener when he later feel asleep, but he woke up, lifted her up by the throat with both hands and threatened to kill her.

He shoved Ms Ball away as she tried to stop the attack and punched her to the side of her head.

Ms Kelly in her victim impact statement said she suffered flashbacks and that Lyons' face "of pure evil" was one that would be with her for the rest of her life.

Judge Tony Hunt adjourned the matter until December.

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