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Woman says mother's partner carried out abuse while watching 'blue movies'

A WOMAN has told a jury that her mother’s partner sexually abused her while making her watch "blue movies".

The 21-year-old complainant is the fourth of six sisters to give evidence in the trial of the man who is accused of sexually abusing the six girls at their home on dates between 1995 and 2005.

The woman told Mary Rose Gearty SC, prosecuting, that the man would also put his penis in between her legs.

The complainant also said the accused would flash her as he was going around the house wearing a towel. She said he never wore boxers.

“There was never a pair of boxers in the house. He never wore underwear,” the woman said.

The 52-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to 62 counts of sexual assault.

The woman refused to accept a suggestion from Giollaiosa O Lideadha SC, defending, that she was deliberately telling lies to the jury.

“Excuse me, you don’t know what that man put me through. I would not put myself through this to be called a liar. He is the liar,” the woman replied.

She further rejected a suggestion that she had told these lies because she wanted to get the man out of the house because she wanted the freedom to go and live with her older sister.

She agreed that she encouraged her younger sisters to make allegations but denied that she got the other girls to make statements because as counsel suggested “you needed more allegations to get your allegations to stick”.

The woman agreed that her mother did not believe her allegations when she made them.

She further agreed that she knew that her older sisters had previously made allegations that they later withdrew but said their mother had forced the then-teenagers to drop the charges.

“She told them she did not want to grow old alone because who would want someone with seven kids and told them to drop the charges,” the woman replied.

She again denied that she had made her younger sisters complain about sexual abuse.

“I simply asked my two younger sisters if he had touched them,” the woman told Mr O Lideadha.

Earlier the woman told Ms Gearty that the man would bang on his bedroom floor to ask for a cup of coffee.

She would argue with her other sisters about who would make the drink before she would go upstairs with it.

She said the man would be lying in bed naked. She would put it on a red box beside his bed and he would then grab her hand and make her touch his penis.

“Then he would tell me to go over and press play," she added.

When asked by Ms Gearty what she meant by this, the complainant said the accused would make her press play on a pornographic film, “a blue movie that would be halfway through”.

She said he would then tell her to get into bed and put his hands in her underwear after putting baby oil on his hands. She said he would touch her breasts and vagina and the abuse would happen nearly every day.

The complainant said afterwards the accused would give her money.

She said he would often breathe in her ear and lick her ear.

She said on one occasion her older sister walked into the bedroom while she was in bed with the accused.

He pretended to be asleep and when her sister asked what was going on, he pretended to be just waking up.

The trial continues before Judge Desmond Hogan and a jury of six men and five women.