Friday 17 January 2020

Woman left to live in squalor by care wait

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Tim Healy

A High Court judge has approved an intellectually disabled young woman remaining with her family amid conditions of "squalor and chaos" while a plan for her gradual transition to alternative care is pursued.

Social workers fear her sudden removal from the family would traumatise her and lead to her not co-operating with the alternative regime, the president of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly, noted.

After being told the woman's weekly €188 disability benefit appears to be controlled by her father, who is subject of a barring order, the judge directed it be paid directly to the general solicitor for wards of court for the woman's benefit.

The matter was before the judge via an application by the HSE to have the woman made a ward of court based on medical views she lacks necessary mental capacity to manage her affairs.

With "great reluctance", the judge considered he had no choice but to leave the woman in the family while a programme for her gradual transition to a home-share arrangement and other measures was pursued.

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