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Woman hit by Dublin bus gets €900,000 settlement

A 65-YEAR-old Vietnamese woman left blind in one eye after she was hit by a bus has settled her High Court damages action for €900,000.

Cam My Lam was walking in St Stephen's Green in Dublin on January 13, 2009, when she was hit by a bus, knocked unconscious and suffered a head injury.

Ms My Lam, a married woman from Delhurst Lane, Ongar Park, Clonsilla, Dublin, sued Dublin Bus as a result of the accident.

She claimed she was a pedestrian at St Stephen's Green when owing to the alleged negligence and breach of duty by Dublin Bus a bus struck her causing serious personal injury.

She further claimed she was unable to resume work as a baby sitter and has difficulty in looking after her autistic son since the accident.

She claimed Dublin Bus failed to have any regard for other users of the road and failed to stop, slow down or swerve or to manage to control the bus so as to prevent the collision. The claims were denied.

Her counsel told the High Court she cannot see from her right eye and her left eye vision is blurred.

She lost her sense of taste and smell which was very important in her culture and she had prior to the accident been a very good cook.

Counsel said as a result of her blindness she can't walk on the streets on her own.

The accident Counsel said had a devastating effect on her life and prior to the accident she used to meet up regularly with other women in the Vietnamese community in Dublin but does not now.

Ms Justice Mary Irvine said while money does not give one back what you might have had, it was a very good settlement.