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Woman (50) cleared of knife threat to ex-lover

A WOMAN walked free from court yesterday after being cleared of accusations that she threatened to cut off her ex-lover's penis.

It had been alleged that Jaqueline Taylor (50) stripped naked and threatened Wayne Simpson with an eight-inch knife after he had admitted being involved in another relationship.

Ms Taylor had denied charges of threatening to kill, attempting to wound and assaulting her ex-lover at an apartment in Old School Field, Drumahoe, Co Derry, on October 27, 2010.

On the second day of the trial, a prosecuting barrister told Judge Geoffrey Miller that the prosecution was "offering no further evidence in the case".

Mr Simpson (31) had already denied suggestions that he liked to dress up in Ms Taylor's clothes and wear her jewellery.

However, he agreed that he had accepted gifts of money from Ms Taylor during their relationship and had used some of this to join a local golf club.

Before the cross-examination resumed yesterday, prosecution barrister George Chesney said that as a result of instructions he had received overnight, he was offering no further evidence in the case.

Judge Miller then recalled the jury of five women and seven men and told them that on the basis of the evidence already given, the prosecution had taken the appropriate decision not to proceed any further.

Ms Taylor, of Glenhouse Mews in Eglington, Co Derry, wept in the dock at Derry Crown Court as the judge directed the jury to find her not guilty of the three charges.

However, he said that he was concerned about the events which had occurred in Ms Taylor's flat in October 2010 and he imposed a restraining order on her, banning her from any contact with her ex-lover for two years.

Ms Taylor described the events as "a minor domestic incident which was unfortunately blown out of all proportion by the police".

She said the case had "placed me under acute pressure but today's development clearly demonstrates that there was no evidence capable of sustaining a conviction in this matter.

"I now wish, along with my family, to put this regrettable incident behind me and get on with my life."

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