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Wife took overdose after hearing of affair, court told

LESLEY Howell overdosed on tablets after her husband confessed to having sex with his lover Hazel Stewart, the court heard.

She screamed and punched him before rushing into the bathroom to swallow paracetamol and temazepam and then drove off in the car.

Later she had to have her stomach pumped, the jury was told.

Colin Howell's admission came after the affair was rumbled by a member of their church and followed a secret trip to London where Ms Stewart had an abortion.

They were not sure if the father of the child was the dentist or her husband, Trevor Buchanan.

If the child had blue eyes and blonde hair, then it was Howell's. But if it had brown eyes and dark hair, then it was Mr Buchanan's.

Howell told the court: "The game would have been up. The affair was still clandestine. I didn't want the relationship to end."

He said it was a critical moment and they were faced with two options, either confess to the affair or have the abortion. They decided on the latter.

Howell said his wife had had an abortion before they married and he knew what arrangements to make.

Howell also said his wife exploded when he told her about the affair.

She attacked him -- for the first time in their relationship -- and he had to grab her by the wrists and physically restrain her.

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