Tuesday 23 July 2019

Wife tells of 'devastation' for garda over sex assault claim by girl

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Conor Kane

A garda accused of sexually assaulting a young female relative over two years ago was "devastated" when told by his wife of the allegation, a court has heard.

The garda, who can't be named to protect the anonymity of the complainant, is charged with committing one count of sexual assault against the then-10-year-old while she was visiting his home in November 2016.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charge and is on trial in the circuit court before a judge and jury.

His wife told the court yesterday that a number of family members came to stay with them on November 27, 2016, and they had a meal in their home before going to a pub.

Their own children and her sister's daughter, the alleged injured party, stayed in the house with a babysitter.

She said her husband went home earlier than her so that the babysitter could go home.

The following day, another sister arrived at the house and told the wife they needed to talk.


They went upstairs to her son's room and she was told of an allegation that her husband had sexually assaulted her other sister's daughter in their house the night before.

"It was probably the most traumatic moment of my life. I was in shock," the witness said.

She told her husband, who has repeatedly denied the allegation to her, she said. "He was absolutely devastated."

A nurse who helped treat the complainant in a hospital unit the day after the alleged assault said that the young girl said her "lower back was rubbed" and the accused's hand then went back to "her back-bottom" and then came forward "to her front bottom".

The trial continues.

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