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When asked why he’d murdered his sons, their dad replied: ‘Money’


Eoghan and Ruairi Chada

Eoghan and Ruairi Chada

Kathleen Chada

Kathleen Chada

Sanjeev Chada

Sanjeev Chada


Eoghan and Ruairi Chada

A verdict of unlawful killing has been returned by the jury at the inquest into the deaths of Eoghan and Ruairi Chada in Co Mayo.

The inquest into the deaths of Eoghan and Ruairi Chada, who were killed by their father last year, has heard how the little boys were discovered side by side in the boot of a crashed car.

Speaking afterwards, Kathleen Chada thanked everyone who had supported her over the past 16 months.

She particularly thanked the staff at the mortuary who looked after boys while she couldn't.

Eoghan (10) and five-year-old Ruairí died on July 29, 2013 at the hands of their father Sanjeev. He was jailed for life last month for the murders. Mayo coroner John O’Dwyer said the inquest could now proceed as there had been no appeal against the conviction.

Speaking at their inquest today, witness Sean Foy told the boy’s mother Kathleen Chada that the brothers were lying side by side with their legs pulled up.

“They seemed to be at peace,” he told their heartbroken mother.

Mandy Semple from Newport in Mayo was one of the first people to come upon the accident. She told the inquest that at around 3.15pm on July 30 of last year she saw the car driven by Chada drive straight across the road in front of her and crash into the wall. Her first thought was that the brakes had failed in his car.

“The driver was rocking backwards and forwards in the drivers seat with his head in his hands,” she said.

Ms Semple tried to ring 999 twice but couldn’t get through. A neighbour rushed to his home to make the call.

As passers-by stopped to help, they attempted to speak to Chada.

“I remember the driver of the car say “They are after me”,” she said.

Witnesses told how Chada had a piece of blue rope which he had been tightening around his neck. One of the men at the scene managed to take it from him.

Ms Semple told of the horror witnesses felt when the children were discovered in the boot of the car.

“This man from Northern Ireland or England said he would check the boot of the car. He opened the boot of the car and he was standing directly behind the car. He bent into the boot and just said “Oh My God” or something like that. I could sense horror in his voice and I looked into the boot. I saw two little boys in the boot of the car. The two little boys appeared lifeless and I just thought they were dead,” she said.

Sean Foy who also came on the scene told the inquest. As he attempted to help the driver he realised the man had a “blue rope tied around his neck with a knot on it.”

“He seemed to be quiet at that stage. I presumed at that stage he was taking the rope off. In fact he loosened the rope, the original nott which appeared to be a hangmans noose.

“When he had the rope opened he suddenly double wrapped it around his neck holding one end in his left hand and one end in his right hand and appeared to be trying to choke himself. I shouted at him ‘what are you doing, what are you doing’,” said Mr Foy.

The witnesses struggled with Chada and managed to grab the rope from him after hitting him on the side of the head. After removing the rope from him Chada asked for a phone and made a phonecall.

It was then that Mr Foy and another man Sean O’Malley opened the boot of the car.

“To our horror we saw two children who were dead. I put my hand on the nearest child the youngest child’s leg and it was cold,” he said.

The inquest held before a jury of five men and one woman heard statements from 16 witnesses.

Garda Brian Kilkelly of Westport Garda Station was the first garda at the scene. He told the inquest the two boys had been facing each other.

“I discovered two young boys lying on their sides fully clothed and each boy was facing each other in the boot of the motor car,” he said.

Doctor Adam Wolverson pronounced the two boys dead at the scene.

When questioned at the scene Chada told Garda Kilkelly that the boys were his sons Eoghan and Ruairí.

When asked what had happened he replied “It happened 10kms outside Castlebar near ‘Abbey’, you can see what I did, with the ropes”.

“I love them so much,” he added.

When asked why he replied “money”

“I ruined everything,” he added.

He told the garda he had driven from Bagnelstown the previous night and staying in a laneway near Abbey and “slept overnight in car with kids”. He told Gda Kilkelly he murdered the boys at 5am the next morning when it was “not quite” bright.

A postmortem report revealed 10-year-old Eoghan Chada died as a result of ligature strangulation with blunt force trauma to the head. Ruairí who was just five years and four months old died from ligature strangulation. 

Coroner John O'Dwyer told the jury he believed the only appropriate verdict was one of unlawful killings. However, he said it was not his choice but that of the jury.

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