Monday 23 April 2018

What it says in the papers

The front page of today's Irish Independent
The front page of today's Irish Independent

This morning's newspapers all lead with the former banker Sean FitzPatrick's acquittal.

‘Fitzpatrick case hung on single phone call with ex-Anglo chief Drumm’ reads the front of this morning’s Irish Independent. The newspaper reports that the former banker ‘thanks his family and friends as he walks free’.

The Irish Times leads with ‘Jury in Anglo trial returns verdict of not guilty on all charges against FitzPatrick’, reporting that the jury is still considering the case against the two other former Anglo executives and that the acquittal came after 11 weeks of evidence and testimony from 54 witnesses.

The Irish Examiner chose to lead with the line that ‘FitzPatrick pleads for privacy after acquittal’. Separately on the front page, a headline reads ‘Family finances showing signs of recovery’ as they report an increase in the number of families who have over €100 left after paying their bills.

‘Seanie walks’ reads the front of The Herald as the Daily Mail leads with ‘A handshake, a wink... now leave me alone’ with a photo of ex-Anglo boss Sean FitzPatrick.

The tabloids also lead with the bank trial. The Irish Sun reads ‘Anglo’s Seanie walks’, the Irish Daily Mirror leads with ‘Smiling Seanie walks free’ and the Irish Daily Star reads ‘Grinning Sean in the clear’.

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