Saturday 24 February 2018

Walter Mitty antics kept officials busy

Diarmaid MacDermott

'TARTAN Terrorist' Adam Busby is a Walter Mitty character who lives in a fantasy world where he leads an imaginary Scottish liberation movement, but in reality he keeps Irish and British security services busy with his antics.

The father of two joined the Scottish National Party at the age of 16 and served for a time in the Highlanders regiment of the British Army. He was first arrested in Dublin in 1983 for stealing two hams and cheese from Dunnes Stores in North Earl St, Dublin.

Given the Probation Act by the District Court, he was arrested on foot of extradition warrants from British police relating to spray-painting a British Army truck in 1983. After lengthy legal proceedings in the High Court, he was freed when the court ruled that the offences were "political".

Busby continued a campaign of nuisance and threats against the British establishment from a string of Dublin bedsits.

He claimed to be Chief of Staff of the Scottish National Liberation Army, a shadowy organisation of Busby and several dropouts whom he attracted with his grandiose schemes of throwing the English oppressor out of Scotland by force.

Busby attempted to ingratiate himself with several Irish republican groups, including the Provisional IRA and the INLA, but they regarded him with a mixture of mirth and suspicion.

Busby and his accomplices were dubbed 'The Marzipan Gang' by the Scottish media after a plot to send letter bombs to prominent British politicians including Tony Blair. The so-called letter bombs contained a battery, wires and marzipan wrapped in tape.

Busby, from a dingy bedsit in Dublin's Gardiner Street, also developed the so-called 'Icarus Device', a pressure-triggered firebomb designed to explode in midair -- except that instead of Semtex, the suspicious device contained marzipan.

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