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Vulnerable woman still in hospital as alternative accommodation sought



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Alternative accommodation cannot be found for a woman at the centre of a recent incident in which family members forced their way into a nursing home and allegedly gave her illegal drugs, the High Court heard.

The vulnerable woman, who has a chronic incurable illness, remains detained in hospital because the HSE has so far been unable to find a nursing home willing to take her since the incident almost two weeks ago.

She had been taken to hospital from the nursing home after the incident suffering from chest pains.

Katherine Kelleher, solicitor for the HSE, told the court yesterday the woman's condition had improved but efforts to find another nursing home willing to take her had so far proved unsuccessful.

She sought orders, in the context of intended wardship proceedings, continuing the hospital detention while the HSE continued to seek a nursing home place.

The woman, aged in her 50s, has a variety of conditions, including chronic pulmonary disease and a chronic incurable illness, making her very vulnerable to Covid-19.

The orders also restrain family members from visiting the woman and permit the HSE not to inform them of her whereabouts.

Any nursing home that admits her can confiscate her mobile phone to prevent contacts that might disclose her location.

Solicitor Alec Gabot, as guardian ad litem representing the woman's interests, supported the HSE application.

Mr Gabot, who visited the woman in recent days, described her as "probably one of the most extraordinarily vulnerable persons anyone could come across in society".

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